1. She reminds of what Jermaine Stewart, Sylvester and Martha Wash did musically. Perfect fit for her. Love it and with body positivity for all as an added bonus.

  2. Like dude, this woman is beautiful af and she is my idol. THIS WOMAN IS SOO BEAUTIFUL I WANT HER BEAUTY!

  3. OMG 😱 This video should have more views 😝 I'm obsessed with this song and this video at the first time listening 😍😘

  4. Hey Lizzo,

    How does it feel to be the anthem of women waking the eff up 🥰🙏

    With love,

    Every woman alive right now plus all the future little ones too.

    (Like my 1 year old daughter who LOVES YOUR JAMS. She’s got some moves.)

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