1. These people are inbred scammers they know the medicine they have been taking for years can cause the same cancer it was brought up in court and Just how can it be proved it was the round up and not the medication then there’s the fact they have a family history of cancer!! And I guarantee You they didn’t follow the directions and use gloves and a respirator nobody does !! I’m against big companies and what they get away with like everyone else but I’m also against low life people just out for a payday for something they most likely caused! what these inbred people are trying to do is no different then someone trying to sue the city because they went out on a public beech and got skin cancer!! Or the scum bags that bought a pack of cigarettes which has a label on it warning about cancer then going ahead a smoking them for years and suing cause they got just what they were warned they could get !! People should take responsibility for there actions and stupidity

  2. False. It's perfectly safe. You could drink whole quarts of it and still be fine. I'd be happy to drink a glass…. not.. not really

  3. It couldn’t happen to better companies.
    Bayer the intentional seller of blood that wasn’t tested for HIV. They were prevented from selling it in the US. No problem, they sold it to Africa and Europe leading to people contracting HIV.
    That was back in the day when there were zero treatment options.
    And Monsanto. Their name says it all.

  4. I've been saying for a decade that round up is deadly, people have called me crazy, ridiculed me & accused me of being a conspiracy theorist.

  5. Ok 30 years and you never protect yourself with gloves? Look I think Monsanto is a leach of a company but where is the personal responsibility here? It's a chemical that kills weeds, you dont think that has the potential to hurt the user of this product without proper precautions? Just wow.

  6. It’s about time Monsanto starts losing lawsuits! They have killed millions of Americans with cancer and until now have suffered no consequences!

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