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Hi Everyone! Today, I’ll be giving you a life update since it has been two weeks since my last video. I’ll also be sharing some new products I’ve been using.


  1. Glad you are in Kansas. I have time to sit down and watch, so glad. The link to the oil, did not work, just an FYI. If the uploading is not as fast as you want undo everything connected, make a hard link through an Ethernet cable – get an adapter to cable port, if you have a MAC. This may make it faster for you. I work for a cable company. If you can get into the IP address for your modem, you can see what is using the bandwidth. You look just lovely . God bless.

  2. If you went on I-22 you passed through the place I was raised- Winfield, AL. It is a beautiful drive. Rolling hills and trees everywhere. It is a beautiful area that is often overlooked.

  3. Sounds like a fabulous time ! Enjoy! Thank you for sharing 💞😘 I’m very curious about the CBD oil serum🙂

  4. Oh what a wonderful trip you had.  I know it was tiring but how neat you saw so much of the area. Your hair looks beautiful. And your skin looks amazing! Oh I have that organizer. It is amazing. Loved seeing you Marlene! xoxox, Melissa

  5. So people and I know you love Kansas I’ve not been around My love of makeup is on back burner My hubby has lupus He had a heart cath and found 2 blockages so he’s in beta blocker and the cardio electrophysiologist was to do an ablastion to help with his Afib New Rheumatologist So many docs So much going on! Oh I love Joico and have been using it for over a year Love you love you and I will be back soon!

  6. Sounds like you are gonna have a great time with your girls there Marlene!! Hope Steph is feeling better!! Love you! Enjoy your free time!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox Love you!!! Carol

  7. Miss seeing you!! You will love gardening! OMG! I hear ya on the upload speed. Living here in a small town the speed is sooooo soooo slow. Awww hope she feels better. Ooooo that makeup organizer is NICE!! Love that it rotates. We love you, Marlene!! XOXOXO

  8. Happy Kansas!!! Oh I bet it feels so good to be home there and have your camera ll set up and get down to business! I like your hair very much! I love your length! As far as uploading, call your cable company….I upgraded my service and it costs me an extra $25 a month, but my upload time is 19 minutes for a 24-minute video.It is so worth it and you don't lose quality or have a blurry video. Your daughter is there? Sometimes when I see her thumb I think she should be a model! Oh my goodness!!! Kansas City!!!!! I used to play that song! xxoo I'm going to Kansas City,,,

    Kansas City, here I come

    They got a crazy

    Way of loving there

    And I'm gonna get me some

  9. Hey look stunning, I love your hair. Thank you for the update. I am not much into vitamins and such, but I need to be, I am on the Keto diet and I am not getting all that I need. Stomach bugs are the have a fantastic week, sweetie..:)

  10. Hi Marlene, so wonderful to see you and love your hair!!! I know I have to get a nice hair cut and a good bit off at times as the bad ends catch up, look forward to seeing what new things you got!! And so nice to know your daughter and daughter in law are going to be there. I hope Stephanie got to feeling better, love you and see you again soon. xoxo 😘🙂

  11. Hi Marlene! Your hair looks it! Great video.. sounds like you r very busy! You girls will sure have a great time together, have fun ❤️😘. Ox Denise I have one of those organizers for my skincare too.. love it!😁

  12. Awe poor girl! Nothing worse than a stomach bug! Your hair looks beautiful! Love the cut and color! I don’t ever plant flowers because of the pool lol kids flip out every time they see a bee 🤣🤣 I miss flowers in my life lol

  13. So what color is your hair now ….. ??? … The cut is cute … Happy to hear that your girls are joining you …. I will try to get caught up on Instagram ….. I guess that I check it out … about once or twice a week or less …… Soooo tired right now …. been working in the yard allll day ….. We have had so much rain that it has been difficult to get out side to do anything …. However I have been at it sense April… off and on and have manage to…. being almost ready for mulch …. Yaaaa … Hehee …… Enjoy your week ….. Hugs …… Shirlene

  14. Hi Marlene, Thanks for the update. I love outdoor work. It’s so relaxing to me. Cute cut. Have a wonderful summer. ❤️✌🏻 Linda

  15. Your hair cut and the color is fabulous !! I think being in Kansas is looking good on you. Enjoy the visit with your daughters. Happy Gardening.

  16. Hey beautiful! Too bad Stephanie got sick but know it must have been so special spending time with her and Christi again. I bought some new CBD skincare system yesterday and hope it works! Love you so much! XOXO Michelle

  17. Hi Marlene, your hair looks fabulous! It was so interesting to hear about the CBD oil, do you use that after your retin a? I love the color of your room, I have the same color in my house. Have a wonderful day my friend 🤗😘🌸

  18. Hi Marlene and Happy retirement! Your hair looks absolutely beautiful. I am going to check out the CBC oil for sure! I know you are enjoying your time with your family!

  19. Good morning Marlene! It sounds like you've settled in nicely. I'm terrible with plants and flowers…hopefully you have success with your gardening! You look really happy! Your hair looks healthy and fresh. Enjoy your weekend my friend! Hugs! Love ❤️ Julie

  20. Good Morning my Gorgeous BFF, it is so nice to see you again, I have missed you soooo much! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new haircut, it is so sexy and sassy!! You look so happy, you are glowing, you had me smiling throughout your entire video. Enjoy your time with Stephanie (hope she feels better soon) and Chrissy! Happy Sunday! Love you all the way to Pluto and back! Big hugs, Nathalie xoxo PS. A little tip, download Handbrake onto your laptop, upload your video onto Handbrake, it will zip it, and then when you upload onto YT it will take approx. 30 minutes max vs 10 hours lol…

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