1. On the child porn issue. If the video gets leaked to the internet it would make everyone that looked at it a pedophile. So it just didn't harm her it could accidentally harm a lot of others. Same as driving drunk

  2. There's no multiverse, it's just the actual movie dialogue makes no sense in context. "No. I am your father!" is awkward and hard to introduce someone to who hasn't seen the movie. So parodies and references rephrase it to: "Luke I am your father" so it is easier to understand and digest in context.

    All this means is not enough famous movie dialogue works well out of context and on its own. And so we rephrase it to do just that and remember the rephrasing

  3. Imagine that the Americans would one day solve their public education problems (and leaded paint, lead and chemicals in water…). Then maybe the Americans would have more projects like that robot in the library with moving eyes. What Americans call socialism (it is social-democracy) works pretty damn well in countries like Finland and Norway, doesn't it?

  4. You got the black hole thing quiet wrong. A black hole can easily have more than 100 sun masses.. the BH in center of our galaxy is estimated to have 4.1 million(!) sun masses… the discovery of this one is exciting, because it seems to be a kind of a "generation 1" BH (did not merge with other big masses). thats how I understood it. To form a BH of that mass, the star that it originated from would have to have more mass than anyone thought could be possible (math and stuff).
    That is how I understood it. I'm not an expert by far, but I think I'm much closer to it than your are 🙂

  5. You joke about the bread but there was that one astronaut who was reprimanded for smuggling a sandwich onto a rocket launch

  6. Drone fishing: in most countries where they can't figure out what you did wrong they call that you did nothing wrong. US – wire fraud!

    35:12 is what happens when your legal system has a fundamental flaw and can't recognise that's not how that works. It'd be like smacking your head on a door and being prosecuted for assault.

  7. The Cascadia quake is estimated at 9.0 to 9.2 (possibly higher). It triggers approx every 300 years (we're currently due) The last event was in the year 1700, we have geographical evidence in WA and OR and written records from Japan. The Cascadia quake has triggered the San Andrius Fault. The expected area of effect – British Columbia to Central California – I've found no records indicate that it ever triggered a volcano. State disaster planning in conjunction with Seattle area EMS did a recent event simulation – it was…. BAD. Estimates include over 1000 building collapses (including 1 or 2 major hospitals) over 80 bridges – which will render EMS all but impossible. Hospitals currently run at 90% plus capacity will be catastrophically overloaded. The first significant national response is expected to take several weeks at the minimum and possibly as much as 3 months (depending on which version of post action report you read.

  8. 20:00 Are you showing the correct article? A mass of 100 suns is downright tiny for a black hole. The one at the core of our galaxy is over four million solar masses. We've observed many that are multiple billions of solar masses.

  9. You guys always look like you have no motivation. Yall all look like someone ran over your dog or something lol. Crack a smile. lol. Breathe in those transistors like I do each and every day.

  10. I saw John StJohn at a convention some years ago. He met with fans after the panel and did prank calls. It was most excellent.

  11. Don’t be silly we all know its alien slime which came off the aliens that live on the moon lol didnt you know reptilians and greys live on the moon they keep track of their creation aka human lol

  12. Hi, I seem to watch ya'll every weekday and I am female ***RYAN***. Offended but I still love watching every weekday. Keep up the good work.

  13. Hi, I seem to watch ya'll every weekday and I am female ***RYAN***. Offended but I still love watching every weekday. Keep up the good work.

  14. "Were not sure what he did wrong but our finance department says he broke some law."

    No, people remember Sinbad being in a movie as a genie.

  15. State passes law, Arrests 16yr old girl…State brings video she needs protection from into public view by making it evidence in a case against her. Prosecutor's have a lot of discretion in cases they pursue. In this case, maybe failure to exercise discretion should itself be grounds for charging the prosecutor under the same law intended to protect the girl

  16. @7:00 — That kind of wire fraud isn't THAT new. It's a rehash of Social Engineering techniques. I know I've heard this story before, just now with more AI in the title 7:00

  17. Glass is NOT a liquid! It's a crystal. Please don't propagate the myth. It makes no sense if you think about it.

  18. Not that is getting traditional. We now almost have the autopilot from the Buggs Bunny cartoon where the gremlin sabatatashes the plane. Now we have to keep the autopilot from taking the only parrachute and jumping out!!
    Sorry, I can't spell.

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