1. I am a New Sub. To your channel. I am a Medical M pat. In NJ..I med wt oils flower and wax crumble. Shatter. My fav oil Raw garden and Select. Oils 💪.

  2. did you try the star dawg from Trulieve ? I just got it from grow healthy its only 18 percent but damn it tastes flame

  3. I heard a lot of patients are pissed at Harvest because they won’t allow children in their dispensaries, or sell you your medicine if you have your kids with you.

    You should use my nickel/freezer method and you will be a ton more! Have you watched my video?

  4. You should have way more kief thsn that..hoe long have u been using that grinder? The screen could be clogged or just a defective screen..i have way more with barely grinding and if you use a nickel it should be way more.

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