Legal Information On CBD Oil – Lots Of Misinformation On This – More Food For Thought

This is info from Texas Law Shield on their take on use, possession and possible criminal exposure that comes with CDB Oils. Critical thinking, the more you …


  1. If the constitution means nothing, we're gonna have no choice but to remove the people who think they own the rest of us.

  2. You can legally buy pet CBD oil in the states. Just buy that. Same thing. I know personally people who have reduced seizures 90% taking this. It stopped seizures in my dog as well. Government is a joke. That don't care about our well being. They are in business to make money.

  3. The silver war is what gave the feds power over the states.
    This is government corruption holding hands with the state.

  4. My pain management Doctor offered a script for pot pills. I was surprised. I guess that is legal. She is really careful with what she prescribes.

  5. It’s always been schedule-1. Anything that is deemed harmful and / or addicting with “no medical use” goes into schedule 1.

  6. CBD isn't the same as THC and isn't even extracted from plants containing high amounts of THC. They're only doing this type of shit to keep people hooked on their drugs, and that's why they are trying to scare people away from CBD. CBD producers wouldn't be wasting THC content on a product that doesn't get people high. This is definitely just a pharmaceutical ploy, they even have a pharma girl spouting this crap, so that guys (gun owners) will listen. Threatening prison and jail time on everyone AGAIN, bad people out to make you a victim, good people out to make you a villain, then when you feel like everyone is out to get you (because they are) they say you're paranoid and delusional.

  7. Actually I use cbd and I've always been under the impression that all of it contains .003 thc or something like that but it's so small a percent that's why it's legal in every state

  8. Ots amazing the two tier system we have. The biggest pod cast in america is an avid hunter. No one hears of the California DOJ camping outside of his house. Must be nice to be part of that system George Carlin described. I guarantee every big armed democrat has probably hundreds of guns in their mansions up there in those Hollywood hills.

  9. The reason pot is schedule 1 is because it's the most popular drug. They wont budge on the issue because the drug laws are a business. Are government is more corrupt than any in history

  10. Rick, under Consolidated appropriations act section 763, 7 USC 5940, Full Faith and Credit Clause, Article VI, Section 2 of the Constitution, & the equal protection clause, section 1 of the 14th Amendment, INDUSTRIAL HEMP IS NOT MARIJUANA AND LEGAL TO POSSES AND SELL ON THE FEDERAL LEVEL, ALL 50 STATES. ONLY DELTA-9 THC LEVEL IS RELEVANT THEY EVEN HAVE IT IN THE UK 🇬🇧 NOW

  11. Welp I found out when I was a teenager that I’m allergic to marijuana. Guess I don’t have to worry about this one.but if it helps heal others then legalize it. Better than big pharmaceutical and there shitty meds

  12. Dont tell them you use it dumb asses they dont drug test you to buy a gun or get a ccw permit. Btw most cbd oil contains no thc

  13. Rick is right. The reality of this tyranny we live under is clear, our government does not follow the Constitution. As long as the American people continue to put up with these illegal policies, the more our rights will be attacked. Sooner rather than later unless we make a stand, our rights will be completely controlled by those who occupy our government.

  14. The law is clear as mud… everything is open to interpretation. When you have laws, you have no rules, it's all up to those in power how they want to exercise THEIR laws.


  16. Yes sometimes THC bleeds into the CBD oils. A store that I go to where I get snacks sells this stuff, One day they was asking everyone that walked in if they wanted to buy samples and I asked him about it. I told him because i'm a gun owner I wouldn't try it at any cost. The guy said "Yes I agree I wouldn't try it if you own guns or work for places that test because once in a while THC is found in it still"

  17. Its like a big trap. Right now lots of famous people are coming out saying they love CBD oils. I wouldn't be surprised one day IF the government wants someone, they'll find out if you take CBD oils and go after them. IF the government wants someone, they'll find anything including CBD users. I just stay away from this stuff. Can't trust the feds unless they take it off the class 1 scale.

  18. Remember that video of the cop locking up the grandma for a vile of CBD? Damn tyrants, change the goddam law already.

  19. In my state of Oklahoma, we have medical marijuana, and we also have CBD products. This also including CBD flower, which looks like marijuana, but it doesn't have TCH in it, well it does, but the THC content in CBD flower is literally nothing over 0.03% which WILL NOT get you high, like smoking marijuana will. CBD products CAN NOT have over a certain amount of THC in them, otherwise, they wouldn't be able to sell them.

  20. I thought CBD was federally legal? Sounds like they're just trying to fear monger people into feeling like criminals.

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