1. Gene where can I buy the photo boost light bars? I want to diy my own leds but don't know much about them… I would like to build my own lights and them photo boost lights look like what I'm wanting to do. Thank you….

  2. Whats up green, what do you have to say about this

    An idea I got , to put a co2 generator (burner) in a seperate small tent; fan and ducting it out into your grow tent(s). This way the heat is contained in a seperate tent while just moving the co2 from one tent to another. What do you think of this??

  3. Definitely correct on all counts. Superior spectrum should also present itself in your finished product in terms of color, terpenes, Etc.

  4. Are you going to let ur pots dry out completely during the next week of so or do u keep ur media fairly wet during flower?

  5. No Doubt they are pumping up beautiful canopy keep up the good work puts a smile on your face I know it does me he he he

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