Kit Kat Eyeshadow Palette… Is it Jeffree Star Approved?

HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I’m testing out the brand new delicious Kit Kat eyeshadow palette from the Korean brand Etude …


  1. Korean makeup just has a sheer color since they like natural and light makeup, it’s kind of normal compare to the dramatic pigment in American make-up products

  2. I agree with him. If anyone is going to buy this it would be because it says Kit Kat, and to have some fun (this would be a great stocking stuffer lol).

  3. Jeffree if the shimmer doesn't work with a brush, try with your fingertips…
    Specially if the makeup brand is from korea, because there woman makeup is very very very soft… LOVE YA!!!

  4. Hi Jeffree im a korean cosmetic lover, and their products do work better with fingers not with fluffy brushes. But If you prefer using brushes, spongy ones are the best. Love you from korea and thanks for reviewing Korean products!!

  5. ok jeffree has inspired me to inspire my dream and become a makeup artist. in school when i wore makeup people would make fun of me and say my makeup was bad. jeffree inspired me to not listen to them and just do whatever makeup i want.

  6. I love how Jeffree isn’t like any other beauty guru or celebrity, trying to deny they got work done. If you get plastic surgery and it makes you happy why hide it?

  7. yk i feel like these pallets would be good for a natural look for people who still go to school. like my school you can’t have crazy rainbow eyeshadow like james does yk. but i mean i don’t like my natural makeup i like my pinks and purples

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