Kim Kardashian Credits CBD For Saving Her Life

Russell Simmons asked not to come back to yoga studio (00:10) Devin Haney wins, stays undefeated (01:09) Kim Kardashian says CBD saved her life (01:51) …


  1. Has she mentioned the two ladies who actually do all the work to release those prison in mate. Has Kim gave them any credits.

  2. Yo everyone be sweating kim like she the baddest of them, but real talk kourtney is sh**ting on all of them. That girl is bad as hell.

  3. Oh sh@t, when did they get Russell Simmons?
    Damn man, they getting everyone. Pretty soon they'll get Prince

  4. 666 comments, I cant let that happen!
    Honeslty, CBD is awesome and kim will be right to start a company there.
    In 1 year we will ALL suck cannabis at breakfast, club or not, so get used to it!
    CBD helped me and my wife getting so much better! sleep and anti anxiety for her, and me for my addiction!

    CBD is truely a life saver!
    And Yes Kim will sell CBD, and i hope it wont just be USA… because until now USA COMPANIES DONT SHIP OUR OF USA! that is a biiiig shame!!!
    The only one i know, and the only one i use is but i want to use others… but nobody ship to EUROPE!!!

    this makes me mad, gonna smoke some CBD flowers now!

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