1. Most knowledgeable person on YouTube I have succeeded because of you thank u down 20 pounds and couldn’t have done it without you ! ❤️

  2. Interesting nugget of info regarding cold hands/feet. I've lost 28lbs on time-restricted eating and utilizing keto principles (higher fats, lower carbs). Past few weeks I've noticed my hands and feet getting cold and wasn't sure why. I'm 16/8 fasting daily for 60+ days – should I start to pull this back? Any recommendations?

  3. How should one break a fast when doing the keto diet? You recommend rice cakes to break a normal fast but that surely isn't a good thing to have when following a keto diet?

  4. So deadass serious…. Is it possible to do KETO + 16/8 fasting for 6 days a week and 1 day of the week be like a cheat day? Doesnt necessarily talking "bad foods", more or so 1 day a week so I can drink beer finally again?

  5. Is it a bad idea to start ketosis and fasting off the hop? Should I allow my body to adjust to ketosis first or am I safe to start fasting. I work continental shifts which inadvertently cause me to fast sometimes as is. I'm 270 lbs 6'1 looking to make this lifestyle adjustment.

  6. Hi Thomas, I have been doing the 16-8 fasting for about 4 months now but not really watching what I eat…
    Now I want to incorporate a ketogenic diet to the mix, can I still do the 16-8 fasting method?

  7. For a long time I was doing 16:8 every day and keto lost over 40 pounds. Sadly, I have slipped badly and gained 15 pounds but I'm ready to go again. This time around should I NOT do 16:8 every day?

  8. Another good thing is if you're intermittent fasting and eaten your way into ketosis, the periods where you're fasting you'll likely not be doing anything to strenuous (walking about) which is aerobic and optional conditions for ketone to be bonded with oxygen and used. Though I also do running first thing fasted then eat my days worth of food afterwards.

  9. This is so true… Awhile back I went on a PURE WATER ONLY FAST for like 10 days and by around DAY 7 – 8 I DEVELOPED THE INFAMOUS KETO RASH and that was just from going from a Western Diet to a Water Fast in a "snap" of a finger (mind you I was like 17 at the time lol I'm 20 now) anyway! Yeah! I freaking broke out with Keto Rash and it scared meee I thought it was gonna be permanent ugly brown/pink marks all over my neck for life but they faded COMPLETELY within about 1 Month give or take a week. This time, however… I was on a SOMEWHAT strict KETO DIET for the last 50 days (and counting) and I DID NOT DEVELOP THE KETO RASH UNTIL JUST 1 – 2 weeks ago! … Now I want to let you know this though… This whole entire time that I been on Keto (thanks to Thomas's videos) I HAVE been losing a few pounds of fat as the weeks go by BUT I wasn't doing it completely strict. I was cheating EVERY SATURDAY with carbs and junk food by going out with my Family and eating whatever they did (Chinese Buffets or maybe it was Movie Night and we all ate popcorn and sugary snacks) so I THINK that is what kept me from getting the Keto Rash because as soon as I found out that it's not a good idea to do that every weekend while on Keto (Thanks Thomas…) I decided NOT TO CHEAT AT ALL LIKE THIS ANYMORE and so after NEARLY 2 WEEKS of PURE KETO and LESS THAN 20G OF CARBS PER DAY every day, I finally developed the Keto Rash. BESIDES THIS, I also noticed that when I did, in fact, semi-cheat (not really) BY HAVING ONLY ONE SLICE OF BREAD a few days ago… MY URINE WAS HOT… AND IT BURNED SLIGHTLY… AND IT WAS REALLY CLOUDY. I have only had this experience when I was eating a highly alkaline diet sometime last year just for "research" purposes lol. (fruits and veges for a whole month) I have no idea how or why I was getting cloudiness from a highly alkaline diet so don't ask but I know if you have this on Keto, it's because that's all the excess Ketones your body is producing. Why it all showed up after (slightly) cheating with some Bread after 2 weeks of PURE KETO? I have no fucking clue and this comment just got so long lol. POINT IS… FASTING definitely does induce Ketosis WAY FASTER, EASIER, AND IT'S REALLY STRONG even compared to DEEP KETOSIS caused by restrictive "keto macros" lol.

  10. Can you please mention how to start fasting with keto diet? Does not eating from 9pm till 9 am considered fasting? If no then how to start would really help.

  11. Is it true that starting IF off and on and not always 16-8 before keto diet is bad because you lose water weight and then stall? If it’s true then what can I do please keep in mind that I never really ate before noon but snack on bad food before bed and lots of Pepsi too.
    Please help!!!

  12. I always have cold feets and hands, I fast 5-6 days a week, wanna go with Keto now also, how will I know if my body is not taking it well :O

  13. Really enjoying you content about fasting and ketosis I would like to see you speak more on how to break a fast with a keto diet and include best workout times and best keto food for muscle growth. Keep up the great work!

  14. Help!!!
    I only fast 13 hours a day. But my sleep down from 8hours and afternoon naps to about 5.
    Is it the fasting, or is it my lower carbs intake? And why 🤔🤔

  15. I’m in ketosis and fasting everyday on a 21/3 fast how long can this be done .will I loose muscle eventually.two weeks in now

  16. So if I eat OMAD and do keto…is it too much ? You said just fast once every 2 days, not daily. Is it dangerous in any way ?

  17. So is it okay if you fast the same all the time like the 16/8 fasting or should you mix it up some to “confuse” the body?

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