Kansas City's plan to decriminalize marijuana is stuck

A plan to decriminalize marijuana in Kansas City is stuck. Police are pushing back, pointing to a high-intensity, drug trafficking area report. Subscribe to KMBC …


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    Pharmaceutical Corporations are already rich enough from pushing drugs. People die and fatally overdose on some of these drugs. These companies obviously stand to lose some really major profits if we exercise our freedom before it is hijacked further and stand up for our right to grow and own a plant in the United States of America. I don't care what law enforcement or politicians think, and I don't care what filthy rich drug czars say either! Freedom from oppression is even more urgent when our drug laws in states where it isn't legal are a dumpster fire of criminal records, seized property, and unnecessary court/jail stipulations and costs. Some people find Cannabis/Hemp to help them immensely from a medical standpoint, especially when seeking an alternative to prescription drugs! Please follow this link to support OUR petition! Thanks a million!


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