1. if you want to try some all natural and vegan products for face, under eye, & beards! check out steli cosmetics, she has been popping up a lot in the east coast and is a local entrepreneur. I have just started trying their after dark face melt and a bitch (me) be glowing. It's also affordable enough that the tiniest amount goes a long way 🙂

  2. For the la mer concentrate i suggest you dont rub your hands together before putting it on your face! The product will be absorbed into your fingers when you rub it hence why you can go through the bottle very quickly!

  3. Is a topical cbd oil really effective or is it a placebo? Also if it topical could one of the other ingredients/carrier oils be alleviating the pain? I know ingesting could help but rubbing it in… idk someone help me out

  4. You’ve got to be joking when you stan a hat made of extremely hard and durable PLASTIC right after the glass straws and “be more conscious of the environment” bit? Come on girl. If you wear it every single day of your life (which you won’t, it will get boring and/or gross in under 2-3 years), even that won’t make up for the fact that it takes 900 more years to degrade.

  5. Coming back home from a family trip to an upload from the one and only! Giving the people what they want!! 😄👌🏽

    -An itchy weirdo

  6. I think the tactic you’re using with your brown pencil is similar to what Marilyn Monroe would do! It adds to the “bedroom eyes” look she had. Cheers! Thanks for the video

  7. Hm, there seems not to be enough peer-reviewed literature on the benefits of CBD oil, plus it's not a very well-regulated product… I admit I still remain skeptical. I felt the same way back "oil-pulling" was a fad (which ended up being a total bust).

  8. I would like to see you guys do a styling vid with each other like you guys go shopping Segundo picks out your outfit & then you pick out his

  9. I’ve said this before and i’ll say this again. Why arent more people watching you?!?! Quality content, great personality and bomb ass recommendations!!!!!!

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