Judge Judy Sets the Record Straight on Skin Care Scam

Ellen sat down with Judge Judy, who set the record straight about a recent scam that claims shes a spokesperson for a skin care line. Plus, the TV icon shared …


  1. 26 years older than she looks anyway, mustn't have overdone make-up or direct sunlight, and plenty water lol

    as a judge I believe it

  2. What a lovely woman genuine caring Lady. It was great to see her when she came to Ireland. Just a Lady. Wish her good health and happiness and hope judge just around for many years to come god bless .Dave .

  3. She is a very intelligent and beautiful lady. The best a man can get in this order: Healthy, Sweet, Intelligent and at last beautiful.

  4. if you dont see our mouth moving….

    Well hello they just invented an app that makes your mouth move :3
    and can talk like you said it.

  5. Can't believe Judge Judy and Florence Henderson used to hang out 😄😄 I had to search up her name to make sure 😁

  6. Ellen is 60?? How is that possible, she looks like she's in her early 40's!! And Judge Judy doesn't look 76 either, she looks younger than that!

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