1. This podcast is a little old, but something very important to understand that Andrew Yang in my opinion is simply ignorant of is we are very soon about to hit a major wall in regards to technology. There are multiple companies working on the technologies an AI that Andrew Yang's platform is based on and afraid of, but there isn't much room for improvement. The physical chips even with new chip architectures better designed for AI work are very soon going to hit a wall with no obvious or quick solution and less improvement from manufacturing node switch over. The real plausible threat in the next ten years is AI decreasing jobs necessary to be staffed not taking over completely. AI capable of that may in fact never be possible. The solutions thought up so far after we hit this wall for the most part aren't cheap enough to continue tech trends.

  2. AI is more worrisome than just economic change and disruption; a moratorium is probably a good idea… like it or not. And not because of the truckers.

  3. Isnt a better solution to the human replacement problem in trucking to just not let humans be replaced but rather have human managed – robotics enhanced trucks? Improves safety, improves potential issues where a robot kills another motorist and they can sue the company AND the vehicle manufacturer AND the other institutions which enabled them? I would much rather have a human and a robot working together to ensure safety instead of just one or the other. You can have robotic trucks, you just cant have them without a human on board, would be a better and cheaper option.
    If a couple people in Missouri can fly drones 7000 miles away why cant we have a trucker retrained to drive a drone truck from less than 4000 miles away?

    Universal income is NOT a solution but rather to stop being so damn binary and un-creative in trying to solve problems. Also I'm not a right-winger so this isn't about some knee-jerk reaction to the idea of entitlement (Which of course just another stupid binary reaction to this problem).

    This guy is a Technocrat so its no surprise that he believes in the ultimate supremacy of technology and the inevitable replacement of human intervention. replacing humans everywhere is the wet dream of greedy and sociopathic corporations. There is nothing about that dream that has value for ANYONE but them.

  4. If you like Yang, vote for Yang in the primaries so that he will be the Democratic nominee! This is a crucial step.

  5. Joe "I'm going to make receiving 12k dollars a year the problem rather than the capitalist class black hole-ing millions of working class jobs for profit" Rogan

  6. First one that actually has a plan for solving the issue, not sure if it will work but sounds like the others idea is to slowly let the ship sink and try not to make it sink faster.

  7. $1,000 a month will guarantee me my top basic needs: #1, A new car payment ( A better car allowed me to travel further for works or taking a vacation). #2, monthly car insurance (required by law, can't drive without it). #3, monthly phone and internet bills (stay connect with friends and family). #4, monthly utility bill (I don't have to worry about living without it). All these monthly basic needs will be GUARANTEED under the UBI program, LESS STRESS. My monthly salary will cover my rent, food, entertainments and the rest will go to saving for buying the house of my dream or invest for early retirement. UBI also help stronger my community, For example; Car dealerships will sell more cars. Restaurants and malls will have more customer. Most importantly, fewer street crimes and fewer homeless; people will be motivated to avoid jail because now they have something to "live for" and "live with" under the UBI program. $2000 a month salary (minimum wager) plus UBI = A 50% pay raise. Life is good for" ALL" under the UBI system.

  8. AI in the offices,factories,warehouses, reatailers ,transport and Media.we are been replace by Robotic world.Make Human needs find a solution. preserved Humanity make them valuable and Healthy. with out income and basic needs.hopelessness ,stress can turn into sickness and deseases.Universal solution will be preserving the Human life in the 20th centuries.Welcome to Young Yang AI Generation.

  9. I bust my ass in a field that will drain anyone both physically, mentally, and puts my safety at risk everyday. It is a respectable career that I absolutely LOVE but doesn't pay enough to make ends meet let alone live comfortably. In my opinion anyone working full time deserves to be able to make a wage that you can actually live off.

    With that being said you should have to meet certain requirements to obtain the proposed $1000 per month, food stamps and other social services. Drug testing should be mandatory.

  10. His solution to campaign finance "Freedom Dollars" is pure genius, it would totally level the playing field. Imagine that! Reminds me of when Danaerys said she was going to Break the Wheel.

  11. Really liked this episode, although I'm not sure why Joe was coming off as hostile at random points in the video. Props to Yang for keeping his patience and answering all questions thoroughly.

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