1. Guy gets the President's Medal for having the highest grades in the entire college and was still thinking an introductory biology, psychology, or economics class (something most mediocre students get good grades in) would be too difficult for him. He's way too humble. He really did need someone to believe in his intellectual abilities.

  2. They glossed over something crucial. —-“I was very vulnerable to how blackness was presented to me, because I didn’t have an example in the house of a black person showing me something different.”—

    I’ve come to understand that this is what happens every time we are presented with the story of a people without the perspective of those people. If not extremely careful, this can easily give way to devaluing the perspectives of ppl who don’t look like us.

    This is not only true with race, but religion, upbringing, perceived socioeconomic status, etc.

    That’s why conversations like this are so important as long as there is a genuine desire to seek understanding.

  3. My father is a two time survivor of the same disease and is now in remission. I pray for this treasure of a man to beat this monster. Profoundly grateful for the introduction.

  4. A very important conversation.
    Thank you for all the wonderful
    I am hopeful that you overcome
    the obstacles that you are being
    challenged. With.
    Very relevant and a powerful
    message in your book.
    Again,,wonderful Dr Jordan Peterson
    brings forth awareness and love
    to transform and heal.

  5. That is exactly the problem of the modern culture that is absolutely obsessed with finding victims, and the explode with fake empathy for said victims. I am a Jewish person, I was born in USSR, technically, considering my culture and my history, just what kind of sense of victimization must I have? Holocaust, actual institutional violence and hatred which was explicit, with persecution and prohibition on a legal level. By prohibition I mean that in USSR we had nationality written in passports, and it was a law that allowed only a small percentage of Jews to be in professions or colleges. So tell me, just what kind of a victim complex must I have? To be honest, I do not have much.

  6. He speak as a person who made it as an individual. Millions of blacks make it as individuals but our problem is making it as a race. He speaks to comfort whites and this is what they want to hear. He will never get whites to confront racism. I wish him well but we need people out there to agitate and not to apologize for the inequality and inequities in America and in Canada.

  7. 15:00 – The transfer of others' experiences to oneself without firsthand experience is, at root, a prejudice, and this way of adopting learned helplessness throws light on why we speak of a "culture of poverty" (not just individual experiences of it) — culture is, at one level, a collection of prejudices and preferences! Grateful for both of you, and lifting up emerging health — in all arenas….

  8. Jamil is awesome. I don't read books often but his chosen topic and me willing to read more about him – I'll be getting his. Not to mention I've thought about talking about the subject of his book, just can't. But more people should. So he needs and deserves all the support in the world.

  9. I really hope Jordan Peterson would watch the series, "A Place Further than the Universe". It's such a good series that I think would suit his taste. Though it is an anime so maybe not, but since he likes lion king a lot, maybe he'll like this too.

  10. "there are still a bunch of people I can be helpful to…" how you choose to think in dark times makes all the difference, is incredibly inspirational. I am so touched again, again and again by the honor to hear and see the heroes of this age. Thank you, Jamil, for your honesty. Thank you, Dr.P. Never, never underestimate how your words of encouragement lift us and give hope to the moment and future.

  11. While listening to you I feel encouraged to leave my comfortzone and go to university for the first time in my life, to use my intelligence, overcome my fears, finally break through my porn-addiction and maybe marry a nice women and give my life more direction.

    I already have a good, small, secure life. I´m working, I earn my own money, sing in a choir and in church, lead a prayer-group, visit a man in jail for more than 10 years, make sports, but I feel there is still more I can become.

    Thank you! You inspire me and give me hope! I will purchase your book Mr. Jivani. For Dr. Petersons book I´ve already read.

    A man, 38 from Austria

  12. Because Jamil was a victim of his circumstances, he says "…at a minimum you lower the expectations of yourself."

    There is so much truth to that.

    I was tutoring a kid in Denver who's mother had been in prison for child abuse against him. Because of that he lived with his grandmother and didn't know who his father was. One day when I was with him, a friend of his mentioned that he had witnessed a murder and had been counseling with a social worker. He told me that the social worker told him he was a victim, and then he said almost proudly "I was a victim." This kid was maybe 10.

    My personal belief is that you are what you're told you are. And so if what Jamil says is true, that if you are a victim of your circumstances, at a minimum you lower the expectations of yourself, this kid likely wasn't set up for believing he would ever be anything more than just a victim.

    No father. No religion. No qualified counseling. We desperately need videos like this.

  13. I only recently discovered Prof Peterson, but I'm a huge fan. This is an absolutely wonderful interview. I'm from a similar background as Jamil. It's good to see more people, of all backgrounds, taking responsibility for themselves, and not blaming"the man" for their problems. My room is clean. My shoulders are straight. Nobody stood in my way, but me. I'm self employed, self sustaining, and self aware. No victims in my house. Thank you, Dr. Peterson, for helping to free so many.

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