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We constantly get asked the question, Is weed a gateway drug? There’s not really a simple answer to this, and it really depends on the individual. Subscribe to …


  1. I recently got kicked out of Montgomery High School over here in New Jersey for getting caught with paraphernalia for the third time. I can say from personal experience that weed is most certainly mentally addicting for most people. After the second time getting caught, I started getting drug tests (which I passed as I stayed of the weed and vaping), it let to me huffing air duster (I blacked out 5 times from it including in the school br which is how I got caught the third time) using alcohol heavily and doing my sisters Adderall and overusing my Vyvanse and as of this week took a lot of Nortriptyline. I would never have turned to the alcohol from the basement closet if the weed wasn't taken from me and I would never have gotten into poppin pills and coming close to death on air dusters. Therefor I can say that smoking weed on its own does not lead to other thing, its the absence of weed that led me down this horrible path. I used to stay high all of the time and smoke 3 all though usually 4 or 5 times a day and have been vaping since the summer going into 8th grade ('m now a sophomore.) Vaping is a physical and mental addiction and that I would do maybe 10 to 15 times a day (and over time spent more than 1k on it). The reason I got into these heavier substances is because I wasn't ready to quit, which proves furthermore that it was the absence o weed rather than the weed itself. When people call weed a gateway, they say it because there are too many other negative things they can say about kush (that reminds me of how terrible the school is with informing kids about drugs but that's a totally different rant). I wish I could say my story is getting better, but today I made my first real drug deal and about an hour ago popped 50mg of Addy ir. So kids, dont be afraid to smoke some bud, but remember to LIMIT YOURSELF.

  2. I smoked for 15 almost 16 years. I never thought you could be addicted to weed. I never thought it was a gateway drug.

    But… Now that I'm in recover from fentanyl Xanax and cocaine….

    Yes it is a gateway drugs. And yes it is addictive and some people even get a bit of a dependancy on it.

    That being said after going thru benzodiazepine withdrawal cold turky while coming off methadone. I don't smoke anymore. Sometimes I'll eat a 10mg gummy Candy and chill out but never more and I do not smoke anymore. It's too intense. Just not Into it. I also don't agree with the way Canada did legalization so I also boycott for that reason.

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