1. I'm sure that there is no simulation but if there was a simulation and you were born rich you are in peacefull mode

  2. it's important to invalidate the idea the universe is simulation because we must all strive to draw more attention to our collective deficit in reason and an interest in being better at it. One of our common reasoning and epistemological failures is we confuse the idea that we can conceive of abstract absurdities with proof that they might actually exist.
    The idea that the universe is a simulation, that we live in a computer simulation, is very similar to the idea of solipsism. It's a sort of 'techno-solipcism'. Solipsism says the only reality is that which exists in our mental perception of reality. It says that because we can only know reality by perceiving it with our minds, that it only exists in our minds. It literally denies that reality is real. Proponents and believers of the simulation theory are making a similar basic mistake. That are literally saying that reality is not real. It's such a basic mistake it should be embarrassing. But such a basic epistemological failure can be hard to correct and explain, because it's actually self evident. If you don't understand that reality is real, and you think you've got some supporting argument for reality to be an illusion, you've got a serious problem with basic epistemology. This is actually common in what are perhaps more 'subtle mistakes. We become focused on what we think it 'evidence but we lose sight of what should be the obvious picture. We lose tract of the 'endpoints or we 'fail to see there is a forest because we are busy examining the trees'. There is nothing about trees that can EVER tell us there is no forest. The forest , in this case reality, is ALWAYS AND FOREVER REAL. It is NOT simulated, nor is it present only in our minds. There is nothing of value in such failed pursuits. It has no 'philosophical value. It make no difference how compellingly 'intellectually persuasive the failed arguments are constructed, they are obvious and demonstrably failures to begin with.

    Another way of explain they are failures is to compare them to the failed idea of theism.
    The simulation theory is, also embarrassingly enough, not so dissimilar from theism. Theism insists that some deity or deities created the universe, out of some intellectually perverse, or rather non-intellectual, need to attempt to explain the universe's existence. Theism refuses to accept that all we can know, perhaps forever, is that the universe exists. But the claim can't even tolerate the fact that it gets absolutely nowhere in explaining anything since it immediately leads to the question of what or who created 'the creator(s). Even if it were not for that big problem with it , it would still be absurd and outrageous. I think this failure is sometimes referred to as 'infinite regression and 'turtles all the way down' . But in any case, it is an outrageous, UNTESTABLE claim. It's seem odd to say it is obviously ridiculous, but it actually is quite obviously ridiculous. What may seem quite odd, it that is DOES NOT EVEN MATTER if we suspend proper disbelief in the simulation idea and entertain it for a moment. Because EVERYTHING WOULD BE THE SAME according to the theory itself, well almost the same, the same as far as we could know ! Competent epistemology and meta-cognition is about learning and knowing how to know. We suck at this generally and take thinking for granted, which is the greatest threat facing us, actually. One thing about epistemology is that WE CAN NEVER DO ANY BETTER than doing the best epistemology we can with available observation and competent argument (the later we tend to under-emphasize and lack competency in). So in our silly entertaining of the simulation theory, if it were as claimed, if it was completely indistinguishable from reality, then it actually, truly, would not matter and us knowing a simulation as reality would be the best and proper thing we could do. Basic epistemology tells us things like "i am now sitting in this chair typing'. This is is true justified knowledge, but you will have to study epistemology to understand why that is 'true'. Or you can just jump ahead in class and say 'of course it is'. When considering if reality is actually 'all in our heads' or 'a simulation', you really , truly, need look no further than to your own very real existence. The most basic competent epistemology is based on exactly that, and you require nothing more to do that to understand reality is real. So what is surprising is that we 'outsmart ourselves' and forget about basic knowledge and think sometimes that reality could not be real. We make similar mistakes about most all subjects. The failure are systemic, pervasive, cultural, and insidious. I beseech us all to study for ourselves the most important subject of all: reason, and the closely related subjects of critical thinking (in a holistic or wide view way), metacognition and everything that affects the quality of thoughts, perceptions and knowledge formation… like fallacies, bias, and intellectual arrogance where we actually think we have found some proof and argument that reality is not real, or that A.I. embodies any intelligence at all (it doesn't) or that it will necessarily lead to that (it won't). The most important subject here is not that the simulation theory is a ridiculous failure, what's important is how easily we form and subscribe to such things, or trust in others we presume to have competency in such things. Such trust is a fallacy, there are countless fallacies, you can learn about those that are named, and constantly discover ones new to you that may not have names. The most important thing to understand is that the imminent threat to us all is that we do not take adequate interest in reasoning competently, not even many scientists, physicists, and mathematicians. Our entire species takes thinking for granted, assumes it is somehow innate and can't be learned, assumes we already do it well. None of those are true, and by doing that we create a condition where we are the biggest threat to ourselves and other life of earth, and are less prepared against outside threats. That condition in basic terms gives us the poor quality of our civilizations and societies, those legal, cultural, and socio-economic systems, their petty poor priorities, selfishness, and ill effects and policies of irrational authoritarianism, greed, shortsightedness, 'free market capitalism', the effects of unmanaged emotions such as fear and hate. All of these can be addressed with reason, but we have to first recognize the vital, irreplaceable, pivotal role and use of reason. We can't do it better or adequately if we don't recognize how important it actually is and don't devote ourselves to it. Science it not the end-all. Science is a subset of reason. And even those of us who are enthusiastic about science don't appreciate that ! The nature of discovering this for yourself seems to be that at first this may seem uninteresting or unimportant. But the more you study it the more clear it becomes how insidiously confused and arrogant we are about all this. This is MORE important that science, LESS studied, less taught. It is what we are missing. it is the only chance we have. Ironically science will NOT save us, and MAY doom us, without proper guidance accountable to reason. It does not help much or nearly enough that a few of us understand all this. It seems we are doomed unless enough of us understand we must hold ourselves accountable to reason and transcend our petty irrational illusory differences and focus on the collective welfare and survival of our species and better stewardship of other life on our planet. Reason itself dictates all of this but you have to do it and do it fairly well to realize even some of what it dictates and how being ignorant of that creates our perilous situation. I don't know how to convince you to try , but I beg for us all to try to learn about this as if our survival depended on it, for that seems to be true. I'm not naive, about this. I don't expect us to do this in sufficient number to revolutionize civilization, but I report the situation and plead for interest in it anyway because that is the responsibility, that is one of the main purposes of my life. It is actually the main purpose of human life, to survive, be as healthy and responsible in all ways as possible to ourselves and this planet. There is no 'deep mystery or other purpose. That there must be is just another example counterproductive irrational thought.

  3. Ima try to break my simulation and wake up in my alien body.Or cause the end of it.I'll just try to escape.Maybe even another human.

  4. Why collaborate with Vsauce3-Jake??
    In a nutshell/Kurzgesagt is perfect with only animations and narrator.
    Him standing in front of greenscreen is just to distracting and annoying…

    I vote: NO!

  5. Our consciousness is the real us. The observer residing in a higher dimension. We created this system. And we run both educational and recreational programs in it.

  6. We are perceiving reality through a lens. We have no way of knowing what’s out there. It makes it scary and interesting simultaneously because it allows deep thinking. So therefore, people who accept science as absolute are mistaken. They are believers of science. You must accept reality as it is and you must trust your mind to accept science. Unfortunately, there is no scientific way to prove that anything exists outside your consciousness exists. When you go to bed at night and drift off to sleep, you never know if your body still exists or if the whole universe still exists for that matter. It’s only when you wake up you realize that you were asleep etc etc.

  7. If our reality is simulated then that doesn’t make us any less simulated so if this is a simulation we’re not anymore real

  8. The aliens watching him do this must've been like
    "Shit CODE 73 BOYS CODE 73"
    sirens go off
    Commander: "nah he is making one of those youtube videos or whatever nobody believes that"
    "Sir hes figuring us out"
    "Nah we good"

  9. When somebody punches you in the nose and your nose is bleeding and aching – it is very real reality, assure you.

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