Is It Time To Legalize It? | Random Thursday

After a lot of requests, I decided to chime in on marijuana legalization. But after sharing it early with Patreon supporters, I got a lot of feedback about issues I may …


  1. Joe you have quickly become my favorite Tuber. As soon as my health improves and I can get back to work I plan on being a patreon. I am a pastor and I love how you discuss all sides of things logically. And this video was amazing. I use cannabis now to help with some of these major health issues and as a pastor let me tell you it was not an easy road. So thank you for your logic, whit, humor, knowledge, and openness! Blessings!

  2. The reason we've seen legalization grow so rapidly in the past year or so is that Veterans demanded it for effective treatment of PTSD. That is, at least, the case in Indiana which now allows CBD products, yet whose leadership is still staunchly opposed to Maijuana legalization.

    No one is sure why there's such opposition, but rumor has it that Eli Lilly, which is based in Indianapolis, has something to do with it. Funny how the only form allowed in that state is one which a pharmaceutical company would possess the resources to produce, refine, and distribute quickly and profitably.

    Regardless, I remember seeing on the local news that it was a group of Veterans petitioning the State government who managed to convince the powers that be to concede to CBD legalization, and now that stuff is being sold everywhere.

    Without THC, though, they might as well be marketing non-alcoholic beer.

  3. Joe, you don't need to justify your video to idiots who are still brainwashed by government propaganda from the 50's. They will all be dead soon anyways. Right wingers simply can't be reasoned with at any age.

  4. I am Police Officer and was 25 years on the street. I NEVER had to fight with a Cannabised Person. Not 1. Drunken Aggressors we're my daily business. I say legalize it

  5. I'm a cop and I'd so much rather deal with someone who is high on marijuana rather than someone who is drunk. The only drug worse than alcohol is methamphetamine. Why? Drunks and meth users are extremely unpredictable. Their behavior and mood will change from happy and cooperative to an absolute murderous rage in a matter of seconds. It's cliche, but true, that most people high on marijuana just want to eat twinkies and giggle. Plus, weed doesn't make me clean the vomit out of my squad car.

  6. ok, honestly, i don't think that you glossed over anything. Yes huge quantities of cannabis could "kill you". But then so can water. Did you see what happened to the girl that did a challenge with a local radio station to win an IPOD and shut down her kidneys and nearly died? So I think that your arguements are legitimate. How many people are addicted to gambeling, social media, video games, chocolate etc. Everything in life can created psychological dependance if we do not take care of ourselves. So educating people on proper self care would reduce by a whole bunch actual addictions to alcohol and other substances, and probably improve our relationships. Everything in life should be used with caution and moderation.

    as for arguement number 6, i think far more lives are harmed by having it illegal vs legal. From the lives destroyed by being put in prison for small time marajuana offenses, to the cost to the tax payer to put non violent offenders in jail! We have an incarceration prone society, we have more people incarcerated than any developed nation other than china! In addition looking at the way portugal decriminalized all drug use and reduced violence and addiction to alltime lows, i think we need to rethinnk our stance on this issue.

  7. Ethanol depresses the central nervous system irregularly in descending order from cortex to medulla, depending on the amount ingested. The range between a dose that produces anesthesia and one that impairs vital functions is small. Thus, an amount that produces stupor is dangerously close to a fatal dose. Effects are potentiated by concomitant ingestion of barbiturates and other depressant drugs.
    I once witnessed a 20 year old Air Force recruit drink so much that he began sweating and shivering in the tropical Florida evening heat. His sweat smelled like the alcohol he had ingested because his body was panicking and attempting to get the alcohol out of his body by any means possible, and the amount of alcohol he consumed shut down his brain's ability to regulate his core temperature.

  8. I've worked in an ER for 3 years I've seen maybe a couple people come in from bad trips on weed. But I see a drunk person every day I work 😐.. and that is not an exaggeration 😂😂

  9. I sometimes forget how many states still strictly outlaw it. It is at least decriminalized in Michigan, we have some of the best laws in the nation now. But there's still a long way to go before we settle on a system that regulates safe use without suppressing the rights of responsible users.

  10. OK, I did as you asked and looked at info under the video. Having yet to watch said video, I can appreciate the fact that you are listening to all sides of the opinions on alcohol vs cannabis. As a regular user of both, I know how I feel in the morning after using either and, well…. Now I'll watch it.

  11. If u get paranoid ur brain isn't meant to talk to each other lmao. That perfectly explains my thoughts on a blunt

  12. I thought everybody knew that marihuana is Mexican slang for cannabis. Many songs have been written about it. La cucaracha, la cucaracha, The cockroach, the cockroach,
    ya no puede caminar can't walk anymore
    porque no tiene, porque le falta because it doesn't have, because it's lacking
    marihuana que fumar. marijuana to smoke.

  13. Been lots of studies coming out about the benefits of cannabis. Like the one that suggested cannabis users despite the munchy effect actually have lower BMI's on average than non cannabis users.

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