1. Giving Tree Dispensary jacked their ACDC rates up over 50% in the last 18 months. I can’t wait to grow my own to get rid of greed like theirs.

  2. as much as I can't stand Trump… In December he signed a bill FEDERALLY LEGALIZING CBD AND HEMP… some really arrogant states are not complying, but that is the STATES that are breaking the law.

    YES, CBD is legal in Arizona…it is currently a FEDERALLY LEGALIZED substance, unless the state has passed individual legislation within the last 2 months and has already taken the federal government to court to establish that cannabis IS in fact a states rights issue…

    which is where states like Idaho dun goofed… they'd rather sic the state's resources on truck drivers transporting a LEGAL substance than to actually challenge the federal legalization of hemp and CBD.

  3. Oh look more propaganda from the big pharma supported mockingbird media! Of course there's tons of research that's already been done regarding CBDs and THC to help with many different ailments.
    you can start with a research that was done in Israel and then move your way to Canada and America and see that this was actually a medicine before allopathic doctors took over giving pills and surgery instead of natural path therapy

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