Instant Pot Water Test – How to Use your new Instant Pot – Paint the Kitchen Red

This video is a companion to the Instant Pot Quick Start video. This video shows the new Instant Pot user how to do the water test which will get them familiar with …


  1. Thanks my pot will arrive by mail in a week. Of the videos I have watched yours seems to be simple to understand and learn from.

  2. I heard some units have a three quart line. Don’t use it for your water measurement. Use a traditional cooking measuring cup, not the cup included with the product. For the 8 quart cooker put 3 cups of water in the stainless steel insert. That is 24 ounces or 750 liters. I don’t know how much water goes in the smaller cookers. Check the instructions with your Instant Pot and following the instructions no matter what size unit you have.

  3. Thanks for the great video but I am curious about one thing. The Instant Pot company says to never cover the release valve with a dish cloth or anything else, so I will go with what the company that makes this says. Other than that…great video.

  4. thank you = my IP DUO let out a steady stream set pressure and off to the races – I was alittle leery but your video was the shot of confidence I needed

  5. PLEASE…. A word of caution here: it’s very dangerous to open the release valve using a dish towel and/or potholder as you could suffer serious burns. I literally cringed when I watched that part of an otherwise great video. Working in the medical field, I’ve seen many hand, arm, & facial burns from improper use of pressure cookers.

    You can release the pressure valve much more safely by using the hole in the handle of the spoons that come with the Instant Pot by placing the valve lever into the hole of the spoon handle and gently releasing the valve by gently moving it from “sealing” to “venting”, again being careful to NOT have your hand over the steam valve and lever.

    from Kat in the kitchen.

  6. I am literally doing this test with you (well, virtual you). I've been so scared to use this darn thing, have read the book that came with about a dozen times, but wasn't till I found your tutorials that I felt brave enough to give this thing a go! Thank you for brief, efficient, and clear instructions.

  7. Again excellent, well spoken, clear and concise. Thank you. Oh and perhaps mention to hold the lid so you open it with the lid facing you so prevent steam in the face…pressure canning taught me that 🙂

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