Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children

Gavin Haynes has come from England to America to investigate the secret world of Indigo Children, a select group of people who believe they were born with …


  1. The last of your comments on video.."being told that some of us are more special then(than) others"
    We are Not. I actually have my faith in God but totally relate to everyone in your documentary.. and I'm "indigo" (i just heard this term watching ur film" but we Are Not more special. We were just chosen..we were gifted.. we all have gifts that we were given at birth, and then some are chosen for specific tasks. Throughout the Bible people are chosen.. even though they did their thing (drinking, fighting, prostituting etc) they still were chosen. Just as we are. Not because we are better.. not because we are more special..we just were picked. But we do see the world differently, and we can push our energies out there to complete the tasks that we are suppose to~ Great Documentary!!

  2. We’re all special and unique every last one of us the guy with online test fucking idiot, didn’t get enough attention when he was younger these kind of people pray on others to make them seem powerful but they’re not

  3. Wait she met God and people in dreams so she's phsycic nonono i have family members who have met God in dreams or had visions of him, i have had dreams that his presence was obviously in, that doesnt really make you phsycic one man for instense hears the audible voice of God everyday, he even told him to meet a man and they met, the other man had a dream about Jesus a few days prior, thats just God givin love

  4. "These children are being labeled with a horrible mental disease that they don't really have," oh, no they have it alright and talking to angels and seeing chakras and such is just as much a manifistation of mental illness as ADD. ADD is a diagnosis and can be treated, being some lying weirdo or a weirdo who believes that you can talk to angels is not only creepy but not cureable without meds.

  5. I actually had a therapist who was covering for my other therapist tell me that I was an empath. I wonder if she thought she could read minds. Crazy. I don't think this bullshit helps mental health patients.

  6. When did you first realize your hippy ass kid was cray as fuck around the time my acid experiences told me I'd have a kid one day lmfao

  7. Also the only thing that we need to be studying about these kids is how they make so much DMt in their brains that they are constantly triping also they almost all definately have add

  8. Lol!A psych saying untreated ADD/ADHD can lead to drug use! They fucking prescribe some of the hardest, best speed one can get!! Fucking joke! Not that I think much of ‘indigo’ as a thing. I think humans a all a bunch of fucking weirdos. Some have real issues, some not so bad.

  9. Yeah there's no magic in the world no one is special. 9 out of 10 kids just have all these chemical imbalances. What would we do without the pharmaceutical cartels? Because we all know the education system is going to mold our kids into perfect little geniuses that will change the world one day. (Maybe even be president😖🤞) Anyway the 99% live in a completely suppressed world and have determined the spirit to be purely fantasy. This is a grave error. Physicality is the true illusion in this superficial construct. Awe Never mind duhhh, let's just eat McDonalds, watch FOX news and patriotically pay taxes on the very air we breathe. Take that indigos, think you're soooooo special huh?

  10. I can't wait until these "indigo" kids finally get a much needed dose of reality and realize how painfully mediocre they really are.

  11. This has been debunked so many times. Like most of Oprah’s spiritual quest/gurus/yadayada ‘indigo’ children is just a made up self labeling invention that borrows heavily from eastern mysticism.
    I’m a rutabaga intuitive fluid trancer.
    I just made that up. See how easy it is to make up a label that sounds super spiritual?

  12. I, a lifelong atheist, diagnosed myself an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, after filing out a form… For free, 19yrs ago. I can do wedding y'all. 😉

  13. Someone having ADHD/a learning disability/some other mental health issue doesn't mean they can't be intelligent, creative, able to achieve in the world. Medication doesn't always stunt your creativity or intellect – in many cases, it can actually help enable that creativity be expressed effectively because you're not bogged down by other things. Discounting all of that so you can call your child "indigo" is just straight up ableism.

    Maybe consider that disabled and mentally ill people aren't actually losers and layabouts, but just as worthwhile as supposedly abled people, and then you may not need to hide behind "indigo". Or you can find a way to reconcile the two. Either way, this all seems to stem from people's fear of and stigma towards disabled people – "we can't be like one of them, goodness".

    Signed, a writer/performance artist/creative type with mental health issues who got diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, who got really into the indigo world as a teen and self-declared as indigo (my parents weren't very hippie), who has been on medication for a long while and has had mixed responses but is generally functioning, who still did decently in school and is not any less intelligent or creative for accepting their disability.

  14. school is a joke anyway (it dumbs down, depresses and kills natural initiative and creativity)…. especially in NYC .. see "weapons of mass instruction" by ex school teacher of the year John Taylor Gatto. most kids would be better off following their interests and skipping school altogether. Getting social skills via clubs etc. See Akiane Kramarik who was a child prodigy after an OBE (art) . The problem is that Ritalin etc is being mass prescribed, and is essentially a drug that dumbs you down and makes you conform… kind of like School, Mass media , big banks etc.

  15. Just so people know once and for all ,according to the Ascended Masters 1000 Souls new to Earth will be born all in South America to bring that Continent to a Higher Consciousness ,so please people stop thinking your little prince is one.

  16. There is no such thing as 'past lives'. That is a lie from Satan. At a young age, I knew that there was more to life than what we see with our eyes. I knew that there was a spiritual realm, and I sought it out. Unfortunately, I sought it through witchcraft, much as those in this video are doing, and worse. After barely escaping with my life, I turned to Christ and He saved my soul, and I finally experienced the spiritual fulfillment I had always sought. The love, joy, and peace that Christ gives is what ALL OF US are seeking. HE IS THE ANSWER, and only answer.

  17. Anything to do with being physic or a visionary, aside from visions given by God, are evil and not of God no matter how they may mask it. Reincarnation doesn't exist and only Satan and his legion of demons can give people these visions along with thoughts of past lives… That's why Edward gave a vague vision that doesn't lead to eternal life. Satan doesn't interfere with those who do his work for him lying and deceiving people instead of leading them to the one and only savior who is Jesus Christ. I've met people who believe these kind of things and when the full Gospel is ministered to them it changes them and you can see the light of life begin to shine in them and set them free

  18. This is very conflicting for me I was diagnosed with ADD had it as a child but never was treated until recently but on the flip side I often saw figures as a child and felt connected to people and nature whom ive never met. I have many gifts art music ect but definitely going through life so far has been tough school and jobs has truly been a challenge and if i never got medicated i probably would never go back to school so I'm not sure about indigo.

  19. As I continue to watch this, I am starting to get more annoyed at this boy, your words, are lined with an underlying sarcasm that is just truly getting to me…

  20. This video started great… up until you made that look at the camera…. when the guy started to meditate…this isn't some kinda Google, you ask and you shall receive… he was nervous with the camera there and your skeptic energy as well…. anyways, I'm going to finish this video out of respect of knowledge and the search for that, but you need to control your attitude around people who are different, we already have enough of the stupid looks when we say "weird shit"… accept it or freaking don't… smh

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