This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Todays video is about the flowering stage and how to prepare for it. Indoor grow guide, using organic nutrients and led …


  1. Enjoy your week everyone, if you have a questions just throw it down in the comments, I will answer. Or just say hi! they both really help the channel.


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  2. Is maybe better to defoliate just before the lights turns off? And with fans off too, to decrease dehydration. Or its no difference?

  3. What is the yellow card in your pot present every video? Pls explain its use .. perhaps a video to explain how you organise the timing of each grow with respect to your available space

  4. Luv your vids facts!! Just curious when soo much info u give us newbies why no speak of the water amounts use to make your 50 50 mix and how much you give to your gallon pots and 3 gallon pots do u like run off with the dry nuts wanna which over myself

  5. Are these the only two nutrients u use some people use a ton of different things I'm looking for something simple but has great results

  6. I see allot of people and you seem like my kind of people versus some other folks, that being said, how do you force a plant to flower? It's been about 4 days or so 11/13 and I can notice them stretching and getting a tiny bit flimsier, but is that the beginning? I vegged 3 weeks and it's a closet grow so I want them small so I swapped them into flower with red light only and then red/blue to try to tell them it's time to flower, how long could a hybrid take to turn up? They eat plenty and seem very happy

  7. Graet minds think alike I guess, so many similarities, I even hung the same thermometer the same way, Canadian spies! Lmao

  8. Do you have any idea, why….I took a small plant from growing inside a LED room to outside, and after being outside two weeks it started blooming

  9. my son is aspiring to be a grower and follows your videos. He's got me hooked now. we are going to try our luck at growing. thanks for leading the way

  10. Hey man, long time lurker. Love the content and appreciate the knowledge you share.

    Would you suggest:

    2x (2×4) tents
    1x (5×5)
    1x (8×4)

    Have an 8×4 and 2×4 but feeling the 8×4 may not be best suited (too large of a coverage area requiring multiple lights which lead to an excess in heat.

    Thanks in advance brotha!!!

    Have a great week!

  11. Yo Matt thanks for the great videos and the content 🤘. Have you ever used Fox Farm happy frog dry amendments? Looking at switching from their liquid fertilizers. What are your thoughts? Thanks bro!

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