Indiana Medical Marijuana Discussion – Ranting & Questioning – & nervous bec ……..FACE REVEAL🙈🙊

Indiana #Hoosiers #MarijuanaForIndiana Hi guysssss! Thanks so much for watching and be sure to share!! SHARE WITH EVERYONE! I only want to spread the …


  1. I am Brazilian and I follow your videos, especially those from Final Fantasy. Your tips help me a lot, will you ever make videos of the game again?

    You are very beautiful btw

  2. I don't smoke or do any of that. But the strict rules regarding marijuana are so crazy. I hope one day it becomes accessible and legal for all just like alcohol

  3. I'm pro marijuana I love it, I enjoy it, just wished they would legalize it in Texas it's a big difference from having marijuana legalized in California to being illegal in Texas. I will 100% support legalization of Marijuana any state.

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