1. Wow truth i didn't know you had been on attivan! My beautiful mum was addicted to them we had a real bad over prescription in Uk in the 70s 80s ( she stopped when i took her prescription tried to kill myself when i was 14) So i know how evil they are! Since i came out of detox ( coming off heroin & methadone) i had a real fear of prescriptions so i started breathing & yoga talking therapy real helps me, but im not gonna lie been struggling the last few months i know i will bounce back but have found my downs are alot lower & harder to come back from than ever before…..Brilliant upload amazing content, thank you Tracey much love & blessings always.❀ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸŒŽ

  2. Hey chasing these are something else Man Chasing I'm glad I was here today. We just has to thank ya again. We want to be sure we are buying from you and Thankksssss again

  3. Hey Chasing
    Great info absolutely
    Detox ingrediants Cbd my hubby and I are interested. Thanks for bringing it forward.
    Cya later.

  4. Chasing I'm so happy you did a live on this I would love to get a Panel discussion on this please use some of my charts if you would like there are also capsules you can take but thank you I been trying to educate on the Benifits

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