Impact of marijuana industry 5 years after legalization in Colorado

It’s been five years since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado. The drug is now an integral part of the state’s economy, politics and everyday life.


  1. if/when marijuana is legalised world wide it will not only affect climate change but turn everybody into zombie like triffids or mass shooting murderers.

  2. hey what do you know… the sky didn't fall! LET ADULTS CHOOSE A HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE TO RELAX! WE DONT NEED TOBACCO (cancer causing) AND WE DONT NEED ALCOHOL (LIVER DESTROYER) …Legalize Cannabis in ALL 50 States 21 and Older!!! WE HAVE ENOUGH RESEARCH… Human race has been using cannabis for thousands of YEARS!!!

  3. Even though marijuana legalization is probably coming soon. I think it's going to take a really long time until peoples thoughts and perceptions about marijuana use will mature.

  4. No. The pot isn't treated right, literally. They dont flush it from pesticides. I got here 2 yrs ago…this pot is DANGEROUS AND HORRIBLE…I CANT BREATHE ANYMORE, AND EMPLOYEES SAID THEY DONT PURGE PLANTS IN THE END OF PRODUCTION.

  5. My family owns a large plant nursery and was recently licensed to grow certain strains of marijuana. We currently have millions (likely tens of millions) of plants growing. Our operation was very large already simply selling perennials, annuals, shuns, trees, herbs, vegetables, fruits etc., but within a few months of starting our marijuana operation we have decided to fully dedicate our farm to it, as the net profit is ~8x what is was before. There is a short clip on my channel of one of our houses. If enough interest is shown, I can post a video of the scale of our operation as well as provide insight as to how we run it. Thanks!

  6. The fastest growing demographic is the seniors that are trading their pills for cannabis. Works better and with out the side effects. And if you grow your own there is no more affordable health care than that.

  7. As a constitutionalist, yes, it should be legal and so should a lot of things that are not.
    According to the Constitution it is in fact legal as far as I am concerned.
    However people should also take responsibility for their own actions.
    For example just because it is legal it doesn't mean that you can smoke it in my face.
    If I don't want it on my property then don't bring it.
    The real reason it was made illegal in the first place was because of the chemical companies .
    Hemp was used for clothing and paper . Other things as well.
    You need chemicals to treat the wood to make paper.
    All you need for hemp to become paper is water.
    Cotton the same thing.
    Now you all want it to be legal so that you can live in a doped up state of mind.
    What's wrong? Mommy and Daddy didn't love you enough?

  8. The whole “think of the kids” argument is disingenuous. Many things are potentially dangerous for kids yet we assume people are individually responsible for keeping themselves and their dependents safe.

    Don’t NERF the world 🌎.

  9. Please Trash tabacco and alcohol, no one died because of Marihuana, no Alcohol and tabacco causes Cancer, heart deseases and much more.

  10. I'm sorry but this is a ridiculous study. This man states they didn't find a spike of consumption in adolescence, but then says it's still illegal if you're under 21. How exactly did you get your info correct then? A teenager isn't going to admit to smoking or consuming marijuana if they know they could be putting themselves in danger. They are more educated nowadays. Come on people, think about it. Also, this reporter was way too happy and jovial to hear this man discredit her grandfather's concerns. Wonder what she does on her free time🤔

  11. Kids die from alcohol but you don't see media trashing alcohol. OIC if it kills you its ok but if you get a safe buzz ban it. SMH

  12. 50 plus years ago weed was made illegal. We have all the information at our fingertips yet weed is still illegal in half of America and can land you in jail. The moon landing was 50 some years ago yet we lost all the data how we got there ?? The USS liberty 50 years ago yet it still happens today?? The levon affair 50 plus years ago yet it still happens today???

  13. Isnt it strange how little coverage and exposure is given to this story when it is very interesting, important, engaging, and relevant. Hmmmmm.

  14. Is it funny to anyone else when Anne-Marie Green talks about marijuana??? Last time I recall she had a green dress

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