1. 3:20 – My breathing is a bit too fast here. See Wim's demonstration at 1:28 for the proper pace. Just to be clear: when I do the breathing at the proper pace the Pulse Oximeter shows the same results, the same tingling patterns arise and the same phenomenon I describe will occur (increased breathing volume leading to hypocapnia and decreased oxygen availability as per the bohr effect.)

  2. Literally right after you said don't do it standing up is right as I was discovering "wait, I think I'm gonna pass out" big inhale

  3. There is a serious lack of information regarding the oxymeter. The oxymeter will never show you more that 99% for a very simple reason: it's a two digits device. So the whole theory regarding oxygenation acquired by breathing or lost of carbon dioxide is not a 100% right. The studies show that Wim is actually able to control most of his autonomous nervous system without a huge effort and that says a lot more than a $10 dollar oxymeter.

  4. I’m a highly skilled diver (divemaster/master diver) and his explanation is found wanting. I know he is getting results, but could they be a placebo for allowing your Mind to allow you to do things you believed you couldn’t, or has he adapted?
    I can easily dive on a tank for 40 minutes, but in the beginning it was less than 20. I adapted, but did nothing different but dive often.

    By the way, mothers used to shut their babies mouths forcing them to nose breathe. Most don’t know this today.

  5. It was painful to watch. You were talking tiny sharp rapid breaths, probably 4 times faster.

    What about all of his amazing accomplishments and scientific testing? Is it all a fluke?

  6. Says increasing oxygen levels has no added benefits…. wim hof: runs a marathon in the snow with no shirt and shorts

  7. I think this causes hiccups .. I got the strongest hiccups ever after .. only cure was to drink water from the far side of the cup.

  8. Most of us take breathing for granted and don't make any effort, but like everything in life it requires some through and effort, together to maximize benefits, this is food for thought, our body sometimes needs a bit of extra effort and help

  9. The breathing should be deep and full using your diaphragm first, then your chest. Here it seems you are using your chest first. And the pace depends on each person, you gotta listen to your body and not just mimic Wim.

  10. Isn't it dangerous to breath pure oxygen for too long? Exceeding 21% Oxygen can cause Oxygen toxicity. Whilst it can help in times of need when crossing icy terrains but it's risky if hold fails.

  11. Thank you for a lot of great videos. At approx 5:45 you mention the Bohr effect but what you describe is actually the haldane effect which is quite similar. I could not see other comments on this so I thought i might add it.

  12. So why can he force a viral bacteria to die that would normally make one sick under scientific experiments? Are you aware that Wim has done a bit more than just breathe and thrive in sub freezing temps with ease. I believe you should examine this a little more deeply .

  13. Trees in cars have one thing in common they both produce Knox that’s pollution trees have one thing in common with the surface of the earth they have surface area for allergy to grow on allergy grows on everything allergy produces 90% of oxygen on earth the bubbles coming from a pond is allergy producing oxygenThe same thing on the bark on a tree algae grows they’re producing oxygen when you cut trees down you do away with the level of oxygen they can no longer produce because there’s no more tree surface space

  14. For all you people that think trees produce oxygen you’re wrong they produce Knox but what trees do produce is surface space which algae grows on the surface which produces 90% of the oxygen on earth allergy and water allergy on the surface of everything on the planet allergy is the oxygen producer

  15. All the breathing in the world will not help you if you don’t eat fruit and vegetables and drink distilled water for optimum health everything else brings her system down

  16. Fruit vegetables and distilled water is what you should eat and drink most importantly fasting on urine will repair the body of all disease these are organic live foods and water they are all negative which is what the body can use as a building block positive foods or in organic foods processed foods calcium it comes from dirt your body cannot use another words mountain water is dirt your body cannot use what is in that water it shows it in your joints and causes arthritis the only calcium your body can use is from fruit and vegetables fruit and vegetables feed your body not dirty 💦 Water

  17. Lmao I did this on accident when they said breath deeply before bed to go to sleep faster. Now I know why I felt weird.

  18. NO. the WHBREATHING TECHNIQUE was patterned after the PRANAYAMA BREATHING,..
    not the other way around. The PRANAYAMA was the old technique to awaken your immortal body of light. It initially awakens the Kundalini and then unifies your energy centers (chakras)
    and you become a battery storage of power and light. and if you continue this WH breathing…. You might start emitting light and become superhuman .

    WH have repurposed it to suit his needs , which is excellent,….but all the physical changes that you are experiencing ..is the result of your immortal body of light waking up in the physical plane.

    Most of you will not understand this now, but if you continue this breathing, and stop asking too many questions, just make up your minds to just play, play, play… play morning noon and night …… you'll get this miraculous result.

  19. The Wim Hof Method uses hyperbaric stacking not hyper ventilation. The extra pressure allows more water to be transferred to the red blood cells via bubbles. The lung sounds are generated by bubbles. Look at Tim Leighton’s book The Acoustic Bubble. The RBC’s carry water to the tissues. Look at Gerald Pollack’s book The Fourth Phase of water. Infra red light powers the 4th phase of water inside cells and this generates the power to do work inside the cells.
    Water is an element not H2O. Look at 100 reasons water is not H2O by Peter Peterson a free eBook on Smashbooks. Water cycles because it never binds with anything else. It accommodates and accompanies instead. It carries via bubbles. A full bubble is called a drop. Bubbles can even carry sand.
    Water and air are the same element in different states. Bubbles are the transition.

  20. Dont see that guy in the yellow shirt doing WH breathing. I do see high speed simi deep breathing. Can't trust his analysis, as he's not following WH protocol. Shame.

  21. Is that 100% of oxygen in the body that we know of today…. Maybe wim hofs method is more than that device…. That device can only calculate what we know is 100% today from science… But as we know wim is re writing these science books.

  22. Light and candle and set a timer for five minuteS, just stare at the flame and breathe profoundly for those five minutes non stop. Trust me it’ll definitely brighten your day

  23. oxygen is heakthy and known to kill most viruses, including cancer. so it doesnt hurt to try. besides, it must benefit us all.

  24. you're doing it to fast.use visualization to imagine pushing O2 into the middle of the scull where pineal gland is located.also breath in fully,full belly and than chest,than push it up.100% in.50%-70% out..this way i get better results.also check up dr dispenza breathing and combine.

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