1. Hi Wayne, a very well known Austrian toxicologist, Prof. Mayer, vaper himself (he worked with the EU, he was interviewed for "You don't know nicotine") says that regarding vaping synthetic flavors are much safer than natural ones. Reason being is that natural flavors contain much more single compounds (from dozens to hundreds, even thousands). Each compound has the potential to cause problems of some sort (allergies for one). Of course we know that they are safe to swallow but that means nothing when it comes to vaping. Synthetic flavors consist of very few compounds which drastically reduces the potential risk. As of today Dr. Polosa has found 2 flavors that shouldn't be vaped in large quantities. Cinnamon (most of us know that) and coffee (!). Science takes time and to study the vast amount of compounds found in natural flavors will probably take years. In the meantime we should use synthetic flavorings for vape juices.

    I know many vapers who prefer natural flavors thinking that they're "healthier". That is definitely not the case. The opposite is true.
    (Just my 2 cents.)

  2. You can get a dry herb vape pretty cheap too. They have expensive ones too, but I've seen a $25 vape actually work very well.

  3. Thanks for doing this, It is really appreciated. It's important people know what's really going on and to learn what to watch out for. This actually makes me want to be more strict with what I use in my DIY nicotine liquids for myself personally. It's easy to get caught up in the fads of flavors and carriers. But it's important to use good companies that do testing and are transparent with their results.

  4. Very enlightening and refreshing to watch listen to after all the negative media recently.. Good job to both of you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We can't be sure this outbreak is real, let's not act like the media has any integrity… shouldn't they be freaking out about the tobacco user epidemic?  Vapeing deaths are right up there with ISS airlock malfunctions. Something has to be done!

  6. You put the wrong stuff in a tank and get sick then that is not the fault of vaping. The US is hell bent on banning vaping as it hitting tobacco profits. What The US vape industry needs to do is compile a list of how much taxes will be lost if e liquid flavours are banned. It will be millions but unless the big manufacturers get involved instead of just taking peoples money then vaping is finished. All credit to you wayne for this but you need big player involvement to highlight tax losses caused by flavour bans etc

  7. I hate to say this and risk sounding like an extremist but even DIYers need to start stocking up. Not on flavors or VG/ PG but on Nicotine. Its only too easy to ban it and once they are done with flavors and people keep getting sick from street carts, who do you think they will come after next ? I don't know about you but I don't think we're safe.

    And 2020 isn't going to save you remember democrats started the banning. Only science can save us.

  8. Great interview and much of the same info I've found through searching that I've tried sharing with others. In hopes of clarifying what's been going on with the sudden illnesses. This guy was a good guest, very clear and detailed. I did laugh though, thinking 'weed lab' and here's this intellectual guy in a labcoat. Not the typical image you conjure when thinking thc mixer. Then he said 'shenanigans' and was like yep, there it is. His inner Seth Rogan slipping out a bit. lol (only joking).

  9. So, 500 hospitalized, 6 dead. And the survivor's life is screwed anyway. What a mess. And all because some cannabis users feel the urge to stop rolling their joints and to incorporate it in vaping. Now our industry is in jeopardy and we stand a chance to lose our flavors. Thanks, stone heads, for screwing it up for all of us!

  10. Wow this is a brilliant video and IMO needs to be something everyone who used THC carts needs to watch. What I find astonishing is that there are people who run business that specialise in that market, that knowingly use potentially deadly additives to a product that in itself if 1 of the 7 wonders of the world.

  11. I randomly wondered what you had to say on this matter… then there's a full 30min interview with an expert. Dope AF. Hats off to you both.

  12. I can answer your original question to him Wayne, no it sounds like the weed industry has not matured. It seems like Alot of them are just making decisions based upon their thoughts and opinions and not scientific studies or evidence. Even in the "legal" market. Seems like they've switched to or started using several different products and not have any testing on those products. Wtf! Glad I just dab and not use any flavored or carto products. Sounds like the weed industry needs some regulation, id say maybe even more so than ecigs.

  13. Thank you for this Wayne, shared and hope it spreads. Sadly it isn’t dramatic so not many people will probably watch ☹️

  14. So far studies seem to point to a number of commonly used essential oils being pretty bad to just passively inhale in a room with a lot of the problem seeming to be the heating process used to disperse them. Lavender was the main one the study I saw had latched onto as one of the most potentially harmful. Can't imagine how much worse direct inhalation must be.

  15. This issue is so difficult. The public is not scrutinous or invested enough in vaping to care to read the details of any of this. There are cloned Juul cartridges, contents unknown. There are tons of flavors we already use and diac has already been pointed to as harmful. There are all the details of ingredients and a black market that the general public is just not curious enough to be forced to look at. The kids are getting ahold of all of this stuff. And the public just says with a broad brush VAPING (MEANING ALL VAPE PRODUCTS) ARE DANGEROUS AND LINKED TO DEATH AND ILLNESS. So it would be nice if the public were discussing the details like you guys are here. It won't happen though.

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