1. sorry for not choosing a better video to ask this question but when i use dab oil can i use some vape juice and the oil to make the oil for a cart or is terpenes required?

  2. Hold the fuck on did he just use the pre press like that 😂😂😂 did he not realize how to actually use it or what

  3. This Video:
    25% about Rosin or Micron Bags
    75% "waxliquidizer" commercial… 🙁
    hey by any chance is that the easiest way to turn your wax into a cart!? 😉

  4. pre-pressing your flower with a pre-press mold have been proven multiple times to increase your yields. it might only be a few % more, but it definitely gives you more rosin from each squish.

  5. i would have thought the press you use would be the most effective way already pucked up as i see you pre pucked or at least tried in your more recent rosin infusion video for the chocolate now having played with the bags for a minute do you still find the best way to press is a loose fit and then flattened or to puck it up

  6. Uh I forgot; Doing some research I saw that what they are using as that liquidizer is no more than "Food Grade – Propylene Glycol" with some flavor enhancers. You can purchase that stuff on Amazon for little to nothing.

  7. If you set the heat on your press to 220 degrees will it also decarboxilate the rosin while pressing it, or does the decarboxilation process at that low a setting need a longer press time ?

  8. To be honest he can’t put too much pressure when you have a fucking rosin smash produce is 2 tons max to be honest that’s not even enough pressure you need 10 ton Or more

  9. Do not add this wax liquidiser stuff to your rosin it will not work it will destroy your product , rosin needs to be decarbed b4 u put it in a cart and this stuff is terrible mixing agent vg yukkkk

  10. Jesus christ did this guy try bottle tech without folding in the corners? No wonder u blew out and it was mistake 1 u dumb. If you're using bottle tech, fold the bottom corners in and then slide the puck in and there ya go, no blowouts, you fucking idiots. Dont turn rosin into ejuice, ever, but also stop using wax liquidizer, it sucks and it's more chems. You're taking rosin (solventless) and adding a solvent how does that make sense? Use BHO instead

  11. I'm debating whether this is worth it or not for pressing anything under a quarter, feels like I'm losing way to much to the bags especially when it looks like most of oil is still there and only a few drops on the parchment, what am I doing wrong here?

  12. micron bags and such trap too much IN the bag 🙁 I also look at the bag after and almost cry cause theres more than a dabs worth in between the holes 🙁

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