1. I want to ask. the number of videos I have does not match the number that exists! example: on the dashboard there are 71 but after checking there are 70. From the video management report there is 1 private video privacy that actually doesn't exist! Are there any mistakes?

  2. หนูเฮียยังคงว่ะกูก็รู้เรื่อง

  3. Hi, I've disabled monetization from my channel without any warning, even though I do not violate YouTube policies

  4. I have a problem with restricted mode (i have this mode off but i still couldnt see somme videos ,it says that restricted mode is on )Also my phone is an android

  5. I'm trying to exporte a vídeo from Editor Rockstar but this restrict mode is interrupting me. IT'S DEACTIVATED BUT DOESN'T WORK !!!

  6. muchas gracias a ustedes los conductores que me hayan subido y gracias por darme las gracias a todos mis amigos mis amigas y también a YouTube Muchas gracias por hacer mi papá canal gracias a ustedes y Bendiciones mi videos subidos y que voy a subir gracias

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