How to Stop Using Marijuana | Recovery 2.0 Protocol | Tommy Rosen

How do I quit smoking weed? Pot is harmless? Tommy Rosen, author of Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life and founder of …


  1. Bullshit smoke weed everyday twice a day. That will be fine anything in excess is 1)dangerous 2)we fail to engage with others ….it is not necessarily only marijuana a girlfriend also could do that. And yes i did nt forget whom I am….i am a smoker

  2. Never thought you can become addicted to weed because it’s not a hard drug like the rest but I’ve experienced some irritable withdraws and it not a good feeling.

  3. Geez everyone in here acting as if cannabis is addictive.. it's really not lol. I'm able to stop any time I want, you shouldn't use it to cover problems in life, it's meant as a recreational plant for everyone to enjoy.

  4. I am surrounded by Marijuana Addicts, complete scandalous losers, serial liars, cheats, dumb as bricks, loser friends, outrageously absurd behavior, no responsibility, complete immaturity, total denial of the hard line facts. Family destroyed and fractured beyond repair. But it is a harmless drug, and non addictive, it is a most insidious drug, a slow BURN, it will burn you DOWN, slow but sure, like the water erodes the Grand Canyon. Good times for YOU.

  5. I enjoy weed Its an eye opening thing and I, in moderation, accomplish things that I otherwise wouldnt of without burning… dont watch this vid and quit ask yourself like dude said "How is this serving me" For good or bad?

  6. I honestly jus wish I could be in the stage of life where it wouldn’t matter if I blazed or not. Rich, personal relationships that are healthy and loving life. I wouldn’t binge but I’d definitely blaze

  7. Thanks for video ! It's starting to open my eyes , I've been a chronic marijuana smoker for the last 13 years to escape my husband's abuse and to ease my pain ! I want my life back!

  8. Day 1 for me … pray for me y’all it’s gonna be hard. I started smoking in 9th grade and keep going till 11th grade. Now it’s gonna be my 12th year and I still haven’t entered school but I’m hoping not to start smoking my rest of highly school . I’ve surrounded my self with a community like me so about 70% to 80% of my friends are smokers . I’m hoping to not get influenced to smoke anymore. I’ve be sure to make new friends along the way that will help me and show me the way of life without marijuana.

  9. Daily user for the past 9 years since I was 13 years old , 2 or 3 grams a day and this video changed my life I’m on the first week and I feel amazing, I feel alive

  10. In a nutshell: When you get a million people ,addicts, etc. "in the same room " supporting each other, copying each other , it instantly makes everything good for you.

  11. There's always a selfish sell out working for most governments….here's just another one….So, when you get your cancer dose , and the probability is extremely high these days , Big Pharma can finish the job with their Chemo poison… YOU may even be delighted to know that Chemo kills 97 people out of every one hundred who a stupid enough to accept the governments choice for you (but it is slow and painful). For entertainment you can watch the thousands of children who are allowed to suffer intense pain and suffering as they are fed massive cocktails of Big Pharma's toxic poisons to miserably fail at stopping those Fits and seizures ….not your kids right, so who cares, as long as you are happy…..Crawl back under your self righteous rock and soak up some more self pity LOSER……All you lefty DemoRats are the same……shit for brains…

  12. Hi Everyone. I have struggled with a more decade long weed addiction. I
    hope I can finally break the habit, and will share my journey via daily
    vlogs. No matter what, I will update you guys. Would appreciate your

  13. Hi Everyone. I have struggled with a more decade long weed addiction. I
    hope I can finally break the habit, and will share my journey via daily
    vlogs. No matter what, I will update you guys. Would appreciate your

  14. 13 to 22 a love affair with cannabis. hahaahahahahahhaha you were to young when you started and didn't even get to a mature age using it GTFOH with this bullshit cannabis is the most therapeutically active safe medicine in the world. It kills cancer, gets people away from alcohol, damaging chemicals and other methods used to control is. I'll stick to what I've learned in over 16 yea
    rs of cannabis use this dude's 9 he clearly didn't learn how to utilize it

  15. Wow this is pretty deep and makes a lot of sense.. I was smoking marijuana for a very long time to help with PTSD and anxiety but lost my job and now have to get clean to be able to find a decent paying job because they all test. This past month has been total hell for me and I've been feeling things that I don't want to feel but need to address them clear-headed and sober. Thank you for this video.

  16. Thank you for this amazing video! I have to present on addiction and want to make sure it is backed by research. Do you have any resource for marijuana addiction, sxs, and recovery that is .gov or research-based.

  17. You hit the nail on the head: addictive personalities almost confuse substances for people. We form “relationships” with them that go through stages just like a romance.

  18. I agree with you on everything you said but there is a lot of money to be made in the marketing of marijuana basically a green rash and if you had your foot already in the door before it came legal and had a set product you would be making a lot of money right now and money doesn't buy happiness but it sure does help

  19. Fuck off you are just a pussy who wants to blame weed for not having the balls to just man up.
    You just blame something for your own lack of willpower.

  20. Orgánic marijuana , os a diferente shit , and ya'll shouldn't smoke that , coz that is what is putting up this dude , eat it instead , the time is key if you dope the fuck out of you that fast , that means that you will need a fix that fast and intense as the last one and so on…
    So seems you need to put something into the work and use your mothefeer brain and learn how to grow your mary jane without poisoning your body and soul

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