How to Smoke/ Vape Cannabis Discreetly (Worst to Best Methods): Cannabasics #84

Learn How to Smoke or Vape Cannabis Discreetly in Cannabasics #83 with this comparison of bongs,dab rigs, pipes, blunts, joints and vaporizers …


  1. Haha. Great fun to watch vid mate. All your work is excellent. Great delivery and production values too.interesting , clear and to the point. Very nice style. The lengths of vids are spot on. I can re watch all your vids (that I have seen to date) no problem at all. Impressed. Ruffhouse studios is excellent.
    Thanks for all the vids. 🐨

    PS. I collected half a cup of black dry bong tar. Did a week soak and shake acetone extraction. Improvised filtering. Slow natural evap of the acetone. Leaving an oily, waxy substance. Black in colour and less than 10% of start material weight was recovered. Has effects. I’d like to know more about the compounds consumed in this processing.
    Could this be perfected ?
    Am I just going too far with recycling?

  2. Couldn't you drop some grinded weed into an empty cigarette filter. It more discreet than blunts or joints and it might be easier to do

  3. Could you turn down your background music next time? I could barely hear your voice for the first 10 seconds
    Otherwise, great video 😊

  4. Ohh man that van brought me back so many memories. When i was a teenager a old neighbor literally had junk yard in his back yard. He had a 93 chevy van and he would let the squad toke up in it. We pimped out that van real nice lol.

  5. to be fair you are using a huge torch and a large straight tube I got a nano rig I can keep in the center console of my car and it works pretty well

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