How to Salvage THC using Terpenes – No more losing dabs to the sides of your glass containers!

This video shows how I use terpenes to clean my vials and beakers that I use to make THC Vape Juice. I like to use terpenes to wash them out so I can minimize …


  1. good idea to reclaim lost dabs sir…question for you bc i use the filters to remove waxes for vape carts.
    have you found any way to get reclaim the waxes that get stuck in the filters??

  2. awesome vid. Any recommendation on the terp supplier? Any opinion on the stuff available through amazon (Fogg Labs, etc).

  3. Great video, two question. Do you have to use terpinol alpha or can you use any terpenes like myrcene or limonene? Also do you heat up your terpenes to make the shatter more easy to loosen up?

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