1. A blood test has very short detection window for almost all drugs, especially marijuana (Cannabis). It normally disappears from the bloodstream within six hours, but for heavy smokers may be detectable for up to 24 hours. This means that after-hours smokers don’t really have to worry about being tested positive.

  2. I had a dr tell me he could not test my blood while I was on antibiotics so I wanna see if u can find someone to text that an see if that is true he made me wait 10 days to do blood work on me because I was on amoxicillin hummmmm made me want to test this if u do let me know what u find out

  3. I’ve been smoking but out of a Vape pen for the last couple months . I stopped smoking 2 1/2 weeks ago but I still have three more weeks to get clean. Do you think my blood test and urine test will come out positive?

  4. I listened to about half of your video and you do an excellent job of saying NOTHING! BTW, nice neck tats! John in Texas

  5. what if u don't take the detox pills??? how long does it take for the THC to disappear?? like, I have a blood test on Friday, rip

  6. I have a government blood test in about 6 days from now and i have to pass it and i really dont know how to take out all the thc from my body and i weigh about 213, i dont know if working out and drinking alot of water is going to help,but i really need to pass.some one please help me

  7. Hi, so glad I found this video. I smoked almost everyday for the past 4 months and I’m taking a medical exam for life insurance, I haven’t smoked weed in 17 days and my exam is Sept 10/11, should I use a detox program or you think I will be ok?

  8. What if I donate plasma how long should I wait since I did cocaine for the first time in months drinking water and doing exercise would help get it out of your system

  9. If I smoked 4 joints on Friday,will I be cool for a blood test Monday without dtox pills?
    I rarely smoke now due to these tests, my last joint was a week ago , only one the past 2 months.

  10. Hey bro, i need help, i never smoke weed in my life, but last whole month i was smoking almost every day, i am not smoking for 4 weeks already, and i train almost every day and drink allot of water, i wanna know if im gonna pass a blood test i have in 3 days? Please someone respond, do i need detox?

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