1. I am making this exactly as shown right now and im going to tell you right NOW…this marinara sauce is the most delicious sauce i have ever tasted! I used red sangria instead of red wine and i used 8.5 grams of chopped 💐. I can't wait til my roommate comes back and eats some of this for dinner. Thank you so much for the easy to follow video and recipe!!also made some garlic ginger green beans and some canna-oil..top them off with the sauce!

  2. Is it important that you only get the oil in or can you get the rest of the flower and be fine ? Please let me know guys

  3. I fucked it up and started to burn it in the oven and had the kitchen full of smoke. The fire alarm went off and shit

  4. My dude you are a true chef! You should open up a restaurant in California in the bay and make all cannabis infused dishes!!!! You’ll be smoking all the way to the bank baby

  5. In italy this recipe will be pretty poupolar for making our pizza 😂😂 good job fratello! Stay high all the time!

  6. Matt, can you make a video regarding dosages for cannabis THC levels and cooking if you don't have one of those testers?

  7. I was with you my friend until you burned the garlic 😫 Cook the onions first and add garlic last so it doesn't burn. Other than that, this looks bomb!

  8. Alright boys, I'm done. This is it. Death by pizza. I only live by the marijuanara. Edit: this is true. My life has come full circle now.

  9. This is right on time, I grew a lot of 🍅 this year and was telling my wife that I wanna make some infused 🍅 sauce. Thanks for the recipe 💯🍅

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