How To Make Chocolate Crisp Bar Cannabis Edibles with Rosin Wax: Cannabasics #104

How To Make Chocolate Crisp Cannabis Edibles with Rosin Wax: Cannabasics #104 Save 10% with the code CANNABASICS at …


  1. Thanks for the chocolate recipe. I like to make the chocolate then dip pretzels, thick potato chips, gummy bears, marshmellows etc etc etc. I'm using my infused coconut oil that I've made but my problem has been adding to much oil then nothing will harden I have to kerp it in the fridge I still eat it lol but it's hard to transport.

  2. can you use just the tri comes for this instead of the rossin/plant material? and if yes then do you still decarboxylate the tri's and how do u decarb just the tri-c0mes? thanks.

  3. No way you decarbed before pressing lmfao the heat of the oven melts the stuff you want it dries the tricones also the heat of the press decarbs it anyway you straight press it

  4. I watched this and said fuck that when he said to only use 3gs so I made myself 1 big brownie and used an entire q just for myself and had me stoned to the face for 2 days 😂

  5. if I already have thc oil thats around 90% whats the percentage of coconut oil and lecithin I need to use per gram of oil to dilute it so i can make it mix or stick better to the chocolate?

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