1. Am i the only one trying to find how to move real weight no one cares about this measly 5 ml lol how do i heat a full liter? bozo

  2. Mines comes un-liquidized after Ive heated and mixed. I get like 2 or 3 good hits then after that its like it clogs up and its not as liquidity as when Im cooking. 2nd G of Ros Ive blown through not 1 good cart came out. Help me to believe!!!!!

  3. Do you have to add terpenes? I want to refill my prefilled oil cartridges. but I want to smoke just shatter or distillate. Will my coil take that?

  4. I will start making my own carts down to freshly squeezed rosin. Whats the best and simplest way to make cartridges? Does wax liquidizer work well?

  5. Pro tip, do your initial coil priming puffs with the cartridge off the battery, cover the airflow intake ports on top of the 510 threads with your fingers while doing so. You create a "vacuum" forcing the oil into the coil. You won't loose any flavor from the coil like you may dry burning them initially. Being ceramic the dry burning shouldn't kill the coil, but if you can avoid adding heat prior to it being soaked it'll be that much better. Since your oil is warm because you filled it fresh off the stir plate, it shouldn't have an issue being sucked into the coil.

  6. I would say you're
    pretty close but 100% your getting baby vape clouds. Sorry guys but this is the old way of doing things…

  7. Just a few tips. Find a very happy woman and look in the top drawer of her night stand. There will be a plug in the wall "massager". Touch it to the side of the jar you are doing your mixing in. (no need for the fancy mixing device) Also put the ccell you plan to fill in a plastic bag and sit it in a cup of very hot water prior to filling it. Don't try to put a hot liquid into a cold ccell.

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