How to Make Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil – Dolled Up Desserts

Cooking with cannabis oil is a really accessible way to enjoy cannabis and the benefits of injestion. The key of making cannabis infused cooking oil is …


  1. Thanks for this video! Do you know how I can use the premade commercial oil (with the dropper) directly in baked goods? Can I just do the math and sub out a portion of the oil in a recipe for some of the liquid stuff

  2. Thanks for the video. I have a couple questions, you used 200g of bud (what was the THC percentage in it) and how much oil are you using for the 200g of bud? Thanks. I smoke a little but find it so harsh on my lungs I rather ingest it. PS once edibles are legal I hope you can ship your desserts cause I would buy them, I'm in New Brunswick.

  3. With suffering thru painful back pains that cause me falls these videos are a blessing. I look forward to your videos so very informative especially this one. Legalize it I say!

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