How To Make a Cannabis Tincture

A tincture of any sort is made by soaking herbs in a solvent, usually alcohol, for an extended period of time. However, vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar …


  1. Dont you need to evaporate it too? or do you just strain it out and take everclear shots lol. I had a bottle that i was filling with all my pressings from making rosin and it was full of 97% isopropyl alchol. i didnt think that that was safe so i threw it away 🙁

  2. How cold can the storage be, can you store it in a cold place or does it have to be warm whilst sitting before the final bottling into dropper jars

  3. Anyone know if i can use the qeed that i make tincture with to then use it in oil or butter instead if another alcohol run

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