How to Grow Cannabis Plants in Coco Coir

Learning how to grow Cannabis plants in coco coir can be challenging for a lot of growers who are used to soil or soilless mediums like peat. In this video, Rob …


  1. Boss! This was perfect timing for me! You guys might not know me yet as I’m very new to the channel and 420 growers club.. but I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff there about coco vs soil vs coco & soil. Conducting my own growing experiments this fall playing around with different mediums and nutes. Hope to see you all there, I’ll need all the help I can get come November/December when I’m finally in flower! Have a safe and productive holiday weekend growmies and growmiettes! ✌🏼😙💨💨💨

  2. So I know that you have talked about them b4…but I can't or don't know how to figure out how to get rid of aphids…😡😡🤬🤬

  3. Coco coir in 5 gallon airpots all the way here. I also prefer to buffer my coco with CalMag and compost tea a few days before putting my seeds. And last but not least I put a layer of perlite on top of my coco to protect it from drying out, insects, … Thanks for the helpfull video guys! Greetings from Belgium – 2 weeks from harvest. Much love and respect!

  4. Aaaaaa that's so dope homies.. I was already a fan for life.. U just added my girl to the mix.. She actually was excited to watch this episode and you blew our minds with shout out. Much love and respect

  5. I didn't hear any mention of CalMag.

    I use coco with perlite, Jack's hydro (green Gene turned me onto it cause its dirt cheap) and a moistenland irrigation system off amazon s (watering every 4 hours for 3 minutes for my 3 girls,$40) just be sure to use the filter for the pump because if you dont it might suck up dirt and shit and break it, im on my 2nd one.

  6. I definitely prefer coco over other mediums. It's easy to provide your plant with even irrigation and its easy to flush. I also haven't had any pest issues with coco. It also seems less dusty than peat which is easier for cleaning and maintenance.

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