How to get rid of weed smell? from my used car

removing the interior of my 2004 chevy avalanche is pretty easy. im not really a fan of american cars but I really like this one. I am planning to restore this and …


  1. Hey bro, you ever tried throw down, COFFEE GROUNDS, it works great for gasoline smell type but it's just a try just it just a suggestion….

  2. Dude use a solvent like rubbing alcohol. I'm not sure what it would do to fabric, but id bet it would dissolve and heavily neutralize the smell.

    ….I'm pretty sure.

  3. At 1:30 you discovered the underbody rust and did the repair in future videos. Did you check your rear bumper from underneath? Noticed mine is almost completely gone. Future project, found replacement at JC Whitney part REPC762101

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