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    Chris 👍

  2. I did this and it worked very well. But with my situation I am very glad I did this because while I was doing it the irrigation forced a blood clot to release that was stuck just in my sinuses that explained the very bad taste and breath.

  3. Thank you for this presentation!
    I’m really pissed off with my recurring sinuses 😤
    I’ll give it a go! 🙌🏻

  4. So, the first night( I didn't do this method yet) was terrible. I slept 3h and that with a terrible blocked nose. The next day it was still blocked. Normally my nose gets better when I stand and walk around. Or one hole is open. But this time it was TERRIBLE!!! I watched this video and did the same thing just with a TEAPOT. After the first round it was instant relief. After 10 min it was blocked again so I did it again. After the second time it my nose stayed unblocked "for ever". THANKKSKSSSS!!! :))))) Best method.

  5. I had a nose problem for 20 years and I found out my wife was causing my nasal passages to swell. Every time she behaved like a Devil Bitch, my nose would swell up and I couldnt breathe. I went through 2 surgeries and 20 years of mouth breathing before I realized it was her terrible behaviour that was giving my nose an allergic reaction. Btw, Neti Pot draining does work. But moral of the story is to NEVER GET MARRIED.

  6. Great video, so easy to follow and a great help to me. Can you use a weak disinfectant, like Dettol instead of peroxide, if not handy. Many thanks M

  7. Am just mixing salt and water.. it worked tho but when I pour it in my nose I can feel this salty liquid going all the way back in my head man it feels hell.. is it normal?

  8. Hey Chris. Do we know each other through Rebecca Carley's old RBN radio show?
    I am very happy that you showed the boiling of the water to prevent the brain eating amoeba that originated in australia (first reports) then was found at Yellowstone and made its way all the way to Arkansas (another volcanic hotspot).

    I prefer to use glassware like the Corning Visions STOVETOP cookware (make sure it is rated for stovetop).
    Check the labels on the hydrogen peroxide for stablizers. The typical brown bottle of peroxide uses toxic phenol to keep it stable. Reagent grade uses toxic tin. 30% peroxide isn't for the unskilled to mess with since it can be very dangerous but it supposedly has no stabilizer in it at all.

    I skip the baking soda (sometimes helpful for fungal exposures) just use salt at isotonic ratios and sometimes put in a drop of three of nascent iodine.
    I once had a stitch in my back that I thought I would have to go to a chiropractor to reset a rib for, but I did a nasal wash and the problem resolved in MINUTES.

  9. Excellent video.. I’d like to add that if you use your own urine (let that sink in 😉 ) as neti liquid, the benefits are unbelievable.. it not only clears up your nostrils and flushes our allergies but also it injects a ton of stem cells in that area providing you extremely accelerated build up of the tissues that are damaged over years..
    Mentally, it grants you divine vision, intuition and ultimate creativity. Mental clarity, obliteration of anxiety and panic attacks and what not.

    PS: urine is naturally sterile and the most distilled liquid known to the man.
    Moreover it already contains all the ingredients you purchased for making the saline solution

  10. This helped a lot, even though I didn't have all of the ingredients. I literally did this with just salt and hot tap water and the improvement was ridiculous 🤯

  11. If Anyone Think Its Danger Then I Would Like To Tell Them Its Not Risky…. Its Called Jal Neti It Is A Ayurvedic Formula And I Promise To All If You Use It 3 Or 4 Months I Surely Say You Will Beat Your Polyps…. And Use Black Salt 👍

  12. I only breathe out of one side of my nose cause one side has been clogged for a whole year now will this help

  13. This was great, thanks, I have been researching "sinus conditions" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Franaar Easy Breath Formula – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got excellent success with it.

  14. Few people died using this..not a biggie

    Edit: just done it, survived..but my brain hurts along with back of my left eye, however i can breathe now

  15. I went to ENT yesterday. He said use 1 pint of warm water, I teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 teaspoon bicarbonate. Only just started it and have other meds as well including antibiotics. He did say expel it through your mouth though. But whatever works…

  16. I use warm salt water in an old eye drop bottle that I made a bigger hole in and spray that up my nose I get sinus and chest infections too frequently through the year😂

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