How To Choose LED Lights To Grow Cannabis: Cannabasics #108

Learn How To Choose The Best LED Lights For Growing Cannabis Today On Cannabasics Episode 108. Sponsored by Amazing full …


  1. Now you only showed that one type of Grow Light. What if I have a much Cheaper Light Set Up ? I happen to have a $25 Dollar Flat Blue LED Light that Does Not have Fans built in because it doesn't get Hot at all and it's flat as a board. I also have a couple screw in LED Lights that can be switched to blue or red or blue, red, white and UV at the same time. I also have a regular old school style glass light bulb that's like 300 Watts and that produces Heat. I also have a screw in LED Corn Light that is Equivilent to about 400 or 500 Watts. Is it ok to use all the lights I just mentioned throughout a Grow if I have a fan in the room to keep air circulating ? I just can't afford a $300 + Dollar Grow Light right now.

  2. I'm like half way through the video and it is already one of the worst "how to choose an led light" videos I have ever seen. First of all you're showcasing trash lights that use a blurple spectrum (outdated cheap Chinese shit) and active cooling (cheap ass Chinese fans that will cause your light to fry once they fail). Two big no nos when choosing an led grow light. This is nothing more than a commercial for some sub par dhgate/alibaba garbage. If you want some legitimate information about LED and not a commercial for garbage Chinese fixtures go check out growmaus or migro YouTube channels.

  3. The fans aren't to reduce the heat coming off your light (it's just blowing the heat into your grow room anyway)… The fans are to keep the LEDs at a cool temperature, because they become less efficient as the temperature rises

  4. 2 100w closet case from spectrum king will cover a 2×4 no problem, rapid led and hlg lighting are the way to go. Any light with a fan risks the fan burning out and the light overheating. All the ones I mentioned have heat sinks that eliminate the fans burning out and overheating. Also those companys have pure white light phosphorus led diodes. Giving a full spectrum light.

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