How SILICA Helps My Medical Marijuana Plants… I DON'T WANT TO GROW WITHOUT IT!

I shot this video this morning but was not planning on posting it unless you guys indicated you wanted me to elaborate on my experience with silica. I won’t grow …


  1. Sooo, what’s the cloud equal?? Like you gotta throw it away after? Or you need to do an opposite reaction?? I wasn’t quite sure where you were going with that?

  2. Dude I am a firm believer on silica! It helps with just about everything. Helps with temperature swings and control, Helps with pest resistance. And it be sap your stock so I can hold up nice big fat giant weed boobies!!!!! Thanks for the great material wizard stay lifted and gifted my brother!!!!!

  3. silica was a game changer for me this season after about a week they were crazy strong and had better heat stress resistance defintely a must have for growing especially in hot dry outdoor climates like mine

  4. I mix food grade diatomaceous earth with the potting soil for outdoor for their silica. DE is a miracle product for many different uses in plants, for growth or pest control. Damn good for humans to consume as well! For potassium, I bury banana peels around the circumference of the roots.

  5. When I train my plants to a scrog, silica seems to help with the fiber n makes it more flexible and bendable which avoid the branch from snapping.

  6. makes the buds harsh if you use it past week 4 but yeah silica helps for heat stress strong stalks and stems and sometimes more trichome production. I use armor si and azomite.

  7. I find that the precipitate goes back into suspension when I lower the pH. I’m still trying to find out solid numbers on how that works. And if it’s case dependent upon different kinds of nutrients.

  8. Hey buddy,
    I actually just started using silica so thank for the information on that with the cloudiness part.
    I must have been using to much.

  9. When do you start silica and when to cut it out? I've heard that you want to cut it out at least 3 weeks into flower. Oh, thanks for the tip! Applying it first! Good to know. Thanks Wiz!

  10. I’ve seen this cloud form when using silica Ive usually been putting in last … I didn’t realize the cloud was bad …? It seemed to dissipate pretty quick … I’ll try using it first next time 👍 thanks for the tip

  11. i also use silica but npk raw silica which is silicon dioxide , does not cloud up or change ph at all , and can be added at any time

  12. I can only report on my personal experience but I use silica to protect my plants against aphids, even after a plant is already attacked, they go away and never came back…

  13. Silica is what the body needs also like a plant human go thru the chlorophyllic stage I just made that word up lol.. But really though so GREAT JOB bro

  14. Silica sucks and is for naive people. All these supplements and most of these 3-4 part fertilizers are trash. The cannabis industry is a joke. I’ll find stuff at my local garden center that works much better. Don’t fall for the money grab.

  15. Someone suggested that I try monosilicic acid, and said it would greatly increase stem size. I looked into it and got Stout MSA, and believe it is helping. It is supposed to be effective over wide pH range than potassium silicate versions.

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