How Much Do You Know About Medical Marijuana And CBD? | NBC News Now

Thirty three states have legalized medical marijuana and CBD products are growing in popularity. But how much do you know about the difference between the …


  1. Wow, another new low for the media, and especially NBC… a doctor pretending to be a journalist, who basucally gives a free advertisement for the pot industry, while failing to give equal time to all sides of the issue. Opinion journalism and one sided reports are called "editorials," not news… because this is slanted news, and basically a political advertisement, for the pro-pot agenda. Is your Google search not working NBC, and all you can find to cover is one side? Have you ever even THOUGHT of calling Kevin Saber, PhD? Or Smart Colorodo, perhaps? Oh, wait… i forgot… youll make milliins off the Big Marijuana ad revenue, once its all legal, and everyone gets stoned. Hardly ethical journalism, folks. Hardly ethical, at all. Chet Huntley and David Brinkley are rolling over in their geaves, with disgust. Shame on you.

  2. Is the Pot 101 for the slow crowd? Namely NBC viewers.
    Now that NBC is talking about pot. Well gee it's ONLY 2019.
    Only took 50 years for thei report. Normally NBC is all about the reefer madness. What long a road we've traveled. How about letting half the prison population of prisons out.

  3. Here’s some other words: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – and a lot of people get that. When Colorado went legal there ERs suffered a wave of this unknown condition. If you have GI problems and you smoke pot you should try stopping. Many blindly think more pot is good if their gut hurts, and they get worse…. like I said: ER.

    If this is suppose to educate the public, then give them actual facts.

  4. A LOT of people have had good luck with CBD. It didn't help my recurring anxiety and depression. Cannabis, on the other hand, does. Opioids do absolutely nothing for my chronic pain, but cannabis does. At the very least, cannabis should be medically available nationwide.

  5. The main reason I've been using weed since 70' is because of the mental health benefits I gain through THC, that in itself helps the mind reduce pain.

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