1. Sometimes after I get up in the morning if I pull my shoulders forward I feel a tightness and aching in my chest that lasts a minute or so is this normal

  2. That post nasal drip thing happens to me literally 24/7 and it's so fucking annoying. I'm constantly trying to get rid of the mucus in throat, even in public, and to other people it looks fucking gross but I just can't help it.

  3. Doctor Mike: high school students should have less coffee cuz they have a lot of energy
    Me:…….ha…hahaha….. hahAHAHAHA….yeah…..no

  4. About the sore throat, it could also be allergy. That's what happens to me. People think I'm sick and contagious while all I have is an allergic reaction lol

  5. So I recently started a new job that I love. 90% less stressful than my previous job. But I've been experiencing a lot of neck pain and numbness on the back of my neck and head. I also feel like I want to crack my neck all the time. Should I go to a chiropractor or my primary care doctor first?

  6. What if you 17 and your parents haven't taken you to the doctor in years and likely won't and you now once your of age you definitely won't have the money to see a doctor… 😓😐 my arms and legs are constantly going numb, along with being fatigued, and occasionally lightheaded… so I'm kinda just hoping all will be okay at this point

  7. It annoys me when non-medical people think that coffee stunts the growth of kids and teens? Surely this is not factual. This is believed because coffee has a half life of 6 hours, and can be in your system up to 12 hours, if you drink it within 12 hours of going to sleep, you may have trouble falling asleep and remaining asleep – most importantly, REM sleep can not be achieved as sufficiently. With less REM sleep, the less time your body has to grow and develop.

  8. Hey Mike.
    I sprained my ankle a couple of months back, and while most of the pain is gone, i am suffering from some reduced movement and pain when reaching the edges of my range of motion or in very certain angles. Is this something i should check up with a doctor or is it just slow healing?

  9. I can control those muscles near the ears without chewing, unclogging my own ears with varying success depending on how clogged it is. Am I the only one?

  10. My mom used to give me her left over coffee when I was 7 ever since it kinda stuck. Now at age 15 I have around 6-7 cups of coffee a day. I tried to stop but I felt rlly sick. I’m not tryna go to a doctor and tell him bro I’m addicted to coffee. Is there any way to get rid of this issue?

  11. Caffeine is a legal stimulant, if your hubby isn't in the mood, give him an expresso and get naked. If you don't believe me why was Mrs Olson always smiling in those old Folgers commercials?

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