How language shapes the way we think | Lera Boroditsky

There are about 7000 languages spoken around the world — and they all have different sounds, vocabularies and structures. But do they shape the way we think …


  1. More: How do you speak of langues when you dont know the origin, which the beginning or end Langues…! you speak about langues ho wit been used but Knot of it .. not what Is is like you go round and round…! you just firing blank..dont know what you saying ..! bla bla bla
    you can say the same word but you will never know the intention…! So intention matter which influence no matter which languages and how we say it …! its the hidden which is running the show not what said or how…!
    A donkey still donkey even if he old PhD…..and speak many langues…! just another actor good or bad still actor…!

  2. we take for granted what been said or written is true is True…its only information; knowledge But : not your own experience …!
    the Principle factor of Science is to have doupt and question…but not what she say…! its all dead have no values

  3. its how we think shaped us…..not the content …its how not what we say …!
    in nature there is no how or why …only in human mind..!
    there different dimension to thinking no matter what you speak..—! its the quality…! depth…: Essences… !

  4. когда я стал понимать английский я заметил что на этом языке я некоторые вещи понимаю иначе, но до того насколько знания языка позволяет по разному воспринимать настолько сильно, я даже подумать не мог, при том что всё это на поверхности

  5. Telling numbers in Hebrew & Arabic :
    When you like to tell a number from 11 to 99 you start from right to left and you say ( nine and ninety ) to mean 99
    But when you like to say a three compound number for instance , you start from the right , you shift to the left and then to the middle number
    To tell 234 you say ( / Two Hundred / Fore / and / Thirty / ) while in French or English you tell and write all kind of numbers orderly from right to left .
    If a language shapes the way people think , Jews & Arabs are then so strange and a bit insane ! Thy lack order in expressing numbers .
    I am Arab & Semetic !

  6. In Quran, ALLAH the almighty GOD states in Surat Al Room, verse #22, that the diversity of the languages is a sign from HIM for those of knowledge

  7. That’s why Portuguese is the mutherfucking most complete of the Romance languages because I can say “I broke my arm” and “my arm broke”. That probably explains why Portuguese speakers can understand Spanish speakers.

  8. I suggest it's the other way round! That the way we think & the values we hold shapes our language & the way we speak & express ourselves. An English speaker value system may focus on the individual, so tends to point to the individual, while a person from the Levant, may think more of the group, and so if the vase breaks, tends to blame misfortune, or fate, rather than point to the individual?

  9. Learmed a few things thanks.
    Something ive akways notoced with english compared to others its the ampubt of detail .its more precise .

  10. So as a Chinese, I found a reason why we generally good with math. We got the shortest pronunciation counting from 1 to10.

  11. "To have a second language is to have a second soul." -Charlemagne, for someone who speaks three languages fluently, this is so true. As a trilingual, you watch movies from three different countries, read books from three different languages, learn cultures of three origins, and forge relationships with from diverse cultures. Indeed, when you learn a new language, you acquire a new reality of something different, or a soul. Knowing more than one or two languages also helps you understand the history of humanity and how some cultures and people act and think in different ways. <3

  12. Summary: This talk could be classified into five.

    1. Directions – Kuur Thayorre Tribe in Cape York, Australia which uses North, East, West and South as directions.

    2. Counting – some folks use 'few, many' as their numbers.

    3. Colors – Russian people can identify light and dark colors of blue— goluboy as light blue and siniy as dark blue.

    4. Gender – In Germany, sun is more feminine while moon is more masculine in reverse of Spanish-grammar.

    5. Crime/punishment – In English, they more likely to remember 'who' did something while Spanish remembers 'what' happened.

  13. Replace nouns with verbs & I guarantee, your reality will change to one that is temporary at all times, which IS reality. Nouns do not exist in reality for they are stagnant.

  14. I remember being very confused when I first heard the English expression "He was killed in an accident." …!? So was it an accident or did someone kill him!? Languages are funny. And occasionally confusing.

  15. This classy lady communicates with her image at least as much as she does with words.
    Ladies take notice: you want to be taken seriously, this is how to dress.

  16. I speak English and Spanish.
    I noticed that I counted the penguin by adding.
    4+3+1= 8
    I began with the penguin on the right and looked at the others to the left and last one, the big one.
    I always do that in my mind. It's difficult to count one by on. I feel like I don't have time for that.

  17. محاضرة مفيدة و اتاحت لي الفرصه للنظر لأماكن لم التفت لها سابقاً شكراً للمتحدثه وللمترجم والمدقق
    استمتعت 💛

  18. great speech indeed. But if you pay close attention the second picture of her grandfather looks like Nick Jonas

  19. This video is very Eurocentric and focused on white people and their language. As someone who belongs to an aboriginal ethnic group I can’t relate to this white woman constantly using ‘we’ when referring to white people.

  20. What a gift I have been given ! Arabic is my native language and I enjoy how accurate we can use it to describe complicated things.

  21. Really interesting. However, I do not agree totally with Spanish-English comparison about the vase as English can be just as evasive as Spanish.

    The vase was broken. Se rompió la jarra./Rompieron la jarra.
    He broke the vase. (Él) rompió la jarra.

  22. Language is another item lost to diversity. At first, they influence one another but inevitable a dominant language prevails with only vapors of the one lost remaining. We have seen this happen all over the world as one tribe or nation rises to dominate another.

  23. Doesn't this mean political correctness aka censorship of certain words makes us dumber? Or is it to control/manipulate our thoughts?

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