How Elon Musk DIDN'T Smoke Weed on Joe Rogan

Not a typo. The funny thing is, there is an EVEN BIGGER issue at hand here which apparently no one else is talking about. Well, time to bring it to light! Again.


  1. WATCH TILL END – there’s more than just “he didn’t inhale.” And to be clear, I absolutely adore Elon Musk. No hate is intended here. I fully support simulation theory and I think he’s brilliant. Don’t mistake my silly sarcasm for hate.

  2. He probably just didn't know what he was doing. I know I did that a few times when i first started, not knowing any better. Little did I know if it didn't hurt, it wasn't gonna work

  3. When drinking with my friend I have to keep him from cutting himself but when smoking with him he forgets he is sad.

  4. it's funny. i remember watching that video a fee months ago when it happened but this time, since i've started smoking i could definitely tell he wasn't inhaling ANYTHING at all even before it was mentioned in this video.

  5. Alcohol is very bad but Joe only talking about having like a few drinks where ur not really drunk but Ur just relaxed

  6. Damn right!! It's so fucked up that alcohol is so socially acceptable, and cannabis is far from socially acceptable. Backwards as fuck.

  7. Grandfathered in was a joke, a jab, at alcohol and it BEING a drug. If there was anything that should have played well with people from this as far as jokes not made by Joe went, it should be that. Alcohol is afterall more dangerous than po

  8. Grandfathered in means something that they would make illegal but they can't because everyone's already go it. Like how in most of the USA automatic weapons are illegal, but if you already have one then you're allowed it.

  9. Elon is phony. I – on some level or the other – predicted this sort of thing. Why doesn’t anyone bring up his complete non-answer about supposedly “digging a tunnel under L.A.?” . . . as if he can just take off and do such a thing. The space stuff is phony too

  10. I’m glad you pointed this out, I’m a pretty big fan of Musk myself but I also noticed the same thing of how he didn’t inhale any smoke whatsoever.

  11. Sounds like you’re pretty jealous of Elon, you almost seem insecure. Making fun of him the entire video, saying he has no idea what he’s doing. Chill out man, I know he’s intimidating. It’s okay, not everyone has to like and support drugs.

  12. What was said about working too much and sleeping not long enough…true. It's okay he didn't inhale, everyone not smoking weed would do this haha. :DD

  13. He shouldn't have done it, even the drink, he is a source of inspiration for young people. NO DRUG IS COOL…NO ONE!

  14. You dont need to inhale. With that much smoke in the air he is getting second hand high. I'm sure he is high af after a few minutes

  15. We call those "bum puffs" where im from. I've seen people get legit trashed with bum puffing. Not only that but the second hand is enough to get non-tokers high.

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