How Do Cops Catch Speeders

Ever wonder how cops catch speeders with radar or laser. I chat about that a little here. Not exhaustive by any means, but hopefully help you understand it a little …


  1. How does this work on a 8 lane devided highway like an interstate an similar size vehicals since radar spans out an bounces back?

  2. If I had to listen to that noise for more than 5 minutes more than 5 times a day, I'd probably tuck and roll.

    Edit: His Austin Powers reference is even funnier since hooks like a more handsome Dr Evil

  3. Innocent until proven guilty beyond the reasonable doubt. It is cops obligation to prove ur guilt, not urs to prove ur innocence. We all know there were cases of corrupt cops, planting drugs, killing innocent people. So it is absolutely not ok to convict someone on just this testimony of a cop. U might be good at estimating the speed, but that doesnt mean that this is enough. There should be a recorded evidence. Not ur testimony. What if u just decided to give me a ticket, stopped me and said, hey u were going 20 over speed limit. Well, show me a proof. We have a technology to support that. Cops r not perfect

  4. cops serve and protect the state, they are NOT required to serve and protect the public just a bunch of parasites, "to influence ones behavior to be in compliant with the law" that is the literal definition of GOVERN – to control

  5. cops serve and protect the state, they are NOT required to serve and protect the public just a bunch of parasites, "to influence ones behavior to be in compliant with the law" that is the literal definition of GOVERN – to control

  6. In the town I lived you better do speed limit even on secondary back roads. Cops with radar were out always. Speed limits also changed often, some dropped from 45 to 25 mph, aka radar traps. I bought a radar detector just for self-awareness.

  7. I remember I was speeding once in a residential neighborhood about 15 over the PSL. My car makes a lot of noise so it was obvious to anyone I was accelerating. There was a cop coming the over way that I didn’t see and he lit me up and honked his horn. I was scared shit less but he ultimately didn’t pursue me or pull me over. I see it as a warning that he could’ve gotten me right then and there but he let me go. I definitely would have deserved the ticket, but Needless to say I never sped through any residential area ever again. Sometimes a warning is just as effective as a ticket in my opinion.

  8. Fun fact, the math behind the radar gun is a trigonomic function that has a plus or minus margin of error that increases the faster you go. It's something like 7 or 8 miles at 65. Hence why cops shouldn't give tickets for 5 miles over.

  9. My sofar 100% way of not getting tickets is being polite and honest worst I had was to go to court had the points dropped and payed $90. But I have a question why is it I have never bin stopped in my Tahoe or Ram or motorcycle. But in my genesis coupe I was stopped multiple times speed always the same if not faster in the trucks

  10. I believe you didn't talk about pacing as another way to catch speeders. I learned early on when I got my license, that if a cop is in front of you and going the speed limit, you never ever pass them. If they're behind you and going the speed limit, never gain distance. It's very easy for any driver on the road, let alone a trained police officer, to determine if you're at a higher rate of speed than them based on the closing distance or opening distance of the two vehicles

  11. How many more victimless thought crimes will this monopolized violence of the government conjure up to keep stealing people's earned property? Privatize the police and let's see how much rape, murder and robbery are reduced instead of wasting stolen tax payer money on this malarkey

  12. All the people on here saying I see more cops speed. I call shenanigans! First, that cop that catches you speeding knows you aren't responding to an emergency, otherwise you'd be in an emergency vehicle and have some sort of credential. Second, you have no idea where that officer is going, even if he speeds, runs a red light, then pulls off the road and parks. I've done that, responding to a call and then getting cancelled; or, being asked to set up somewhere looking for a suspect vehicle. Please, don't make claims based on a lack of knowledge, or worse, prejudice and willful ignorance.

  13. Well the police when not having an emergency there the first ones to speed, talk on phones, drive reckless. So the law needs to make a representation of the law b4 they pull over the average citizen

  14. LIDAR is jammable economically (which is why it's usually illegal.. because it works), RADAR isn't. Don't ask me how I know. 😉

  15. wondering if this situation happens for police: "bob, everyone else on your shift has written 15 tickets this month, you have written 3. Why is that?"

  16. The biggest problem is you keep saying excessive speed, but what determines what is excessive. I mean, i know the answer is the "law", but that doesnt really mean the speed is excessive, it could mean that the law is too low to begin with. If you are going down the interstate, i would say 80 is not excessive even though it might be higher than the limit. there is a lot of subjectivity on determining if it is excessive.

  17. I've got family that's police officers and it seems to me you have a lot of respect for the citizens and within yourself and you have common sense I have to say thank you for your service

  18. What is police laser (aka police lidar) ?

    LIDAR is an acronym for Light Detection And Ranging.

    A police laser gun emits a highly focused beam of invisible light in the near infrared region of light that is centered at a wavelength of 904nm
    And is only about 22 inches in diameter at a 1000 feet.
    It’s impossible to brake on laser because laser is too quick and very narrow beam. So the next time you speed while driving naked without protection on your vehicles, it’s a chance you take giving your money away to the state for nothing.

    Police laser can be operated from far distances,much farther than police radar about a mile away, making it extremely difficult for the driver to know that they are being targeted.
    Unlike police radar, laser can be operated at such great distances, officers really don’t even have to hide like police radar operators, because it’s extremely hard to spot them from those extreme targeting distances.

  19. In reality almost everyone speeds on a average about 10mph over
    The reason its So easily to catch most people speeding because on average not people believe in using protection. What good speed without detection of police, (A RADAR DETECTOR) also what good is a radar detector without a shield to block legally.

    Police Lidar guns a.k.a laser guns are dangerous weapons in the police industry. Laser guns does not allow no chanced slowing down on police.
    That’s why laser are so important to use. Laser jammers are not illegal in most states only a several states they are banned to use. Illinois and Tennessee,and Texas is only a few states.

    There’s no laws vs light but each state has different laws and regulations which can ban the use of laser jammers if they choose so.

    About a half mile away police laser is a little wider than the steering wheel in your car.
    Half a mile away from a police officer shooting laser at your vehicle is about 22 to 36 inches in diameter. The further your away the wider the diameter circle.

    Take a flashlight 🔦 and put the light on the wall and back away slowly one day. The further your away the wider the circle m, same way is how police laser guns operate only much more narrower. Infrared light which is invisible to the naked eye 👁. But a camera can pick up the infrared light

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