1. Directly from the video he said things like vegetables and whole grains contain complex carbohydrates that are linked together with beta bonds, which we cannot break down. Eat all the whole grains and veggies you want. I lost 60lbs after switching from junk food to whole grains, veggies, lean meat, and dairy. And I dropped my blood pressure back to normal levels after being in the prehypertension risk level.

  2. there as a video that says, there are essential protein, essential fats but no essential carbohydrates, that should tell us something about carbs.

  3. Did you know you can slow down the release of sugar in your blood by simply eating a few fruits or veggies before drinking that bottle of coke or any refined food.

  4. I've been Lifting for 4 years and I made huge progress 455 on squat 500 in the deadlift 315 on the bench but I bought a year ago all those numbers went down as I wanted to get more fit and more lean and I never used to track my calories or my carbs and protein and about a week ago I started tracking my carbs in my protein and all my lives are going up exponentially

  5. It's a challenge for me not only because of my love for sweets, but also because my family insists on eating a lot of white bread, and sugary snacks, but also refuse to take the effort of searching for whole wheat bread and not buy the snacks so frequently…

  6. I can see how increasing the amount of vocal fry makes the VO somewhat more intimate in its delivery, but honestly it's hard to concentrate on the message.

  7. Sugar will never be healthy, high insulin levels will never be healthy… sorry high carb people you are unhealthy, go keto or paleo like normal people <3

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