1. Американский историк и психиатр предположил и доказал что Гитлера в детстве насиловал сосед еврей. Гитлер с 9 лет неоднократно подвергался сексуальному насилию со стороны соседа Марка Гольдовича. Получается вся идеология фашизма основана на психической подавленности самого Адольфа Гитлера. Детская травма сыграла роль на историю всего человечества

  2. The Story begins way before WWI….
    His Youth and relation to his father especially is really importent.
    After all Why would a normal austrian be a German nationalist.

  3. There are a lot of people misunderstanding communism in this comment section. The communist regimes people fear were actually all dictatorships, under the guise of promoting equality while continually placing themselves and others in an upper echelon above most of the population. That's more dictatorship than communism… It doesn't matter a politician's ideology; what matters is their tendencies to be dictator.

  4. Ahhhhh, I'm 22 seconds in, and you've already passed unilateral judgment and covered yourself, Ted. Ted, I'm disappointed, but not surprised. You haven't changed much.

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